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Bitten by the Travel Bug? Channel the Charm of Your Staycation in Your Home Bathroom

If you are born with the wheels beneath your feet, then you surely know how monotonous life can feel at times when you are at home. If you are bitten by a travel bug and have been to various places around the globe, then you surely everytime bring with yourself lots of souvenirs and memories.  Now, have you ever thought of reviving the charms of a staycation in your own abode? How about giving a touch of the places you have been and stayed in your bathroom?

As the bathroom is certainly the most intimate and personal space in your house, it should reflect the charm and spirit that will help you start your day in the most rejuvenated way and let you relax after a long tiring day at work. And when you design this place in a way you like the most, it will certainly have a positive influence on your life and mood. So, how a staycation-like design for the bathroom can help you? Well, it can in the following ways.


  • Staycation styled bathroom will be heavily inspired by the hotels you will be staying at. Since the hotels focus on every detail to make it look stylish and offer maximum luxury, your home bathroom will offer similar feeling too.
  • Your staycation inspired bathroom will be the best place for you to relax. A cocoon where you can be you, striped off the formalities and masks, just like you are during your staycation.
  • Also, when you are designing a staycation inspired bathroom, you can add some specific items in the interior that will speak of the experience and the place you have visited.

So, now as you can see how grand a staycation inspired bathroom can be, think of designing it in the perfect way. Take a look at the following points to get enlightened.

Set the Stage

The first and foremost thing about designing a bathroom like the hotels you have stayed at is to set the stage. Generally, the bathrooms there are really spacious. So, if you are lucky to have a big condo, design a spacious bathroom. If you are not too blessed and have to make do within limited space, then think of adding the illusion of space. Paint the bathroom white. Use white shining tiles on the floors and the walls. Add glass in the bathroom for shower stall or partitions. Install a big mirror. The main aim is to make it look big.

The Must-Have

Now, think about the bathroom of the hotel you stayed at. Didn’t you just love the way it was organized? How can you do that? Invest in modern bathroom vanities that will keep the clutter at bay. Are you worried about the hole it will burn in your pocket? Well, just because you are looking for something that will feel luxurious doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. You can go for discount bathroom vanities that will offer you style and functionality while staying within your budget.

The Accent

Now, let’s talk about the visual appeal part. You have added the most fundamental things in the bathroom décor. Now, give it the true statement appeal that will speak of luxury and comfort just like the hotel bathrooms. Add a metal accent. Ditch steel. Go for brass and copper. Stylish and vintage, it will enhance the luxuriousness of the space.

The Final Touch

Now, where did you visit the last vacation? Was it Mexico? Or in Paris? Or in Venice? Let a stunning jewelry box with Eiffel tower engraved on it adorn the countertop of your bathroom vanity cabinet. Hung a Venetian handmade mask on the wall as a focal point. Or add a dash of color with a Mexican area rug on the floor. There are so many possibilities. Be creative.

So, now as you know how you can channel the charm of your staycation in your bathroom décor, what are you waiting for? Purchase the must-have discount cabinets mn for vanity and accessories and design your bathroom like your dream.

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