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The Rise And Rise Of Shutters | Total Look Blinds

This leading New Zealand blinds retailer brings the latest in window furnishings to the market, but demand for one of their more traditional products is as strong as ever. We’re talking about shutters. The popularity of window shutters in NZ endures, and they’re still a common feature in many new builds and renovated homes, as well as a frequent addition to existing properties  – and that’s because they offer a considerable number of benefits to the Kiwi homeowner.

To begin with, they add class to any window in any type of property. There is little doubt that despite the advent of new window treatments in recent years that shutters still have a timeless look. That look is certainly as appealing as anything else on the market. Better still, the appearance of shutters is well suited to a wide range of homes, from traditional villas and bungalows to today’s sleek and sharp modern building designs.

But it’s not just aesthetic appeal that is behind the rise and rise of shutters. They remain highly affordable, like the dense foam Thermalite shutters sold by this company. While they have the look and feel of wood, these particular shutters come with several major advantages that other materials can’t match. Thermalite shutters are entirely produced from renewable synthetic material, so no natural resources are destroyed in the manufacturing process. Plus Thermalite is fire retardant, water-resistant, and delivers up to three times the insulation of wood and vinyl shutters, making this particular shutter a popular option for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries as well as any other part of the home.

One more thing to consider when discussing the ongoing popularity of shutters. They’re a stylish way to preserve your privacy, and that’s never been more important than right now.  As New Zealand cities become denser and houses are built closer together, there’s a greater demand for privacy. This has long been the case in the inner-city suburbs of our main centres, but now, even new houses further out of the city are close to their neighbours. Interior design and real estate experts agree that shutters give people the option of a split rotation; louvres can be tilted up so the bottom half of the window is screened from the road or the neighbours, while the top half is open to let in plenty of natural light. It’s a perfect combination of practical functions that allows for better control over privacy and light.

For so many reasons, it is easy to see why the appeal of shutters has never diminished. If anything, they’re becoming more popular, particularly with privacy becoming an even more precious commodity in modern cities. This retailer certainly sees no halt and reversal of that upward trend. As far as they’re concerned, window shutters are here to stay.

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