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Mom Hacks: 7 Clever Cleaning Tricks for a Spotless House

Being a mom with lots of responsibilities here, and there is no easy feat. 

Let’s admit it. Moms have the toughest job in the world. They’re not only tasked to bring life into this world, but they are also responsible for making sure that everything is in order at home and even when the kids are at school.

If you’re a newbie at this whole nesting thing, there’s no better person to ask than your mom.

We all want the best for our own homes. We’re here to help you with that. We’ve made a list of some of the most clever cleaning hacks that you should learn to master:

Follow the One Touch rule

The “one-touch rule” may sound simple, but it stops a never-ending domino effect of cluttered items around your house.

It’s as simple as this: If you touch one item that has to be put in a certain place inside your house, do so without hesitation. Don’t let it sit around a couch or on top of a drawer for too long.

Chances are it will stay there for as long as you keep putting the organization off.

It can be anything from coats to hats, to kitchenware. Once you have touched it and it doesn’t seem like it’s where it’s supposed to be, you should make it a habit to put the item right back where it belongs.

Create cleaning routines

Cleaning should be a habit. It should be a part of your lifestyle, engrave it in your minds if you must.

Since humans are clearly the masterminds for routines, this shouldn’t be a hard task to complete — wake up, work out, have breakfast, go to work, go back home, eat, sleep, repeat.

If you insert cleaning right after waking up or after having breakfast and continue to do it every day, then you have successfully created a cleaning routine.

You can mix things up a bit and do your cleaning routine thrice or twice a week. Whatever works for you, do it.

You can take inspiration from other moms who have an effective cleaning routine, and adapt their timelines.

Get organized

At Maid Sailors Maid Service Chicago, we believe that lack of organization is what keeps a home frantic and always on the brink of chaos. No one wants to come home to a house that’s poorly organized, let alone a house with zero organizational skills.

If you don’t know where to start, try sorting one portion of the house first and then move forward as the days go by. Take it one day at a time so as not to overwhelm you with a big chunk of mess.

Labeling helps in organizing. This is what will help you find items, especially if you forgot where you put them.

This is probably why moms always know where they put a certain item even if the kids kept telling them that they can’t find it.

Let the kids get involved

Make it a fun family bonding and involve the kids in all these cleaning activities. They can help you label your drawers and other compartments. This way, it becomes a fun learning method for them while slowly helping you eliminate household chores.

A simple task, such as picking up clutter from the floor and putting it back where it should or putting it straight to the trash, is a helpful act that you’ll be thankful for at the end of the day.

Don’t be afraid to expose them to dust and dirt. It’s part of the whole learning process. Just be sure to clean them up well afterward.

Purge your excess belongings

While it’s hard to embrace the minimalist lifestyle fully, we can always try and live by Marie Kondo’s principle of tidying up.

What doesn’t spark joy should be removed from your drawers. Let these items go.

Why? If you have lesser items, that means you have fewer spaces to clean. It’s as basic as that.

These excess belongings may even take up space inside your house that should be meant for the more important stuff.

Clear it up and make way for a fresh, breathing space within your home.

Do a ten-minute tidy every night

Aside from the morning cleaning routine, you should also do a ten-minute tidying up every night, either after dinner or right before you take a shower.

It will mean a great deal of peace and relaxation before your slumber, knowing that you have a clean house and a well-organized space. You won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night because of dust mites and bed bugs.

If you always make an excuse that you’re tired from work, you won’t ever have time to do the cleaning. Don’t put so much pressure upon your shoulders, a short dusting off and organization is enough for a night cleaning routine.

Automate your cleaning

Machines are of great help, not only in industrial places but also at home. Automated machines have a way of lifting that burden off our shoulders while avoiding any more allergens to clog up your place.

Imagine not having to put in much effort to make sure that your house is sparkling clean.

Pretty sure that moms are eternally thankful for technology because it has become a great aid when it comes to cleaning. Honestly, it’s a miraculous gift to mankind, and we have no reason to complain anymore.

Wrap Up

Now, if reading all that has made you feel exhausted, it’s probably safe to say that cleaning isn’t your cup of tea. That said, consider hiring a professional home or rental unit cleaner.

That’s easily the best tip that we can give those who aren’t really into cleaning. This could be the most clever move you could do to save time and effort, and well, to save your wares and furniture from being broken.

Then again, it’s not too late to learn the ropes. And the best teacher for this job is your very own moms.

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