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What Do I Need to Know About Motorized Blinds?

Motorized blinds are designed like regular blinds; however, they have motors that ensure that you can move them remotely. These blinds offer additional convenience as you can open or close them from the comfort of your bed, chair, etc.

If you are thinking about using motorized blinds for your home or office, there are certain things you should know about these window treatments. So, this article will focus on what you need to know about them.

  • They are powered by various means

Unlike regular blinds, motorized blinds have mechanical parts that make it easy for anyone to control them. Some elements are used for powering the moving parts of these special blinds. One of the things for powering motorized blinds is a battery. Most battery-powered blinds have simple AA batteries that can be easily replaced from time to time. However, some blinds are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries.

Otherwise, a motorized blind can be hardwired. So, you only have to plug it into an electricity source and start controlling your blind whenever you want. 

Another common option is a solar-powered motorized blind. Such a blind will depend on energy received from sunlight to work smoothly. This is a great option for individuals that stay in an area with regular sunlight.

The last alternative you can consider is a blind that uses a DC power adaptor. This particular option is known to be energy efficient, easy to maintain, and safe. Also, it doesn’t require any extra wiring.

  • They can be connected to a smart device

If you have a smart device, you can use it to control your motorized blinds. However, you must note that smart device compatibility for motorized blinds differs greatly. In other words, a particular smart device may work for some motorized blinds and not work for others. So, if you want to control your motorized blinds with a smart device, you should consider their compatibility.

  • They can give you more control over your home

Generally, motorized blinds are a convenient window treatment that offers numerous benefits. One of these benefits is that it offers you more control over your home. Depending on your needs, you can use the blinds’ auto timers to determine the temperature and time you want the window coverings to work. Also, it will reduce the stress you need to go through before control your window blinds.

In addition, it performs other functions of regular blinds such as preventing your furniture and other items from fading. These blinds can also lower your energy bills.

  • Most motorized blinds operate silently

Since motorized blinds have mechanical parts, you may be wondering whether they make noise or not. Well, most motorized blinds don’t make lots of noise. In addition, the level of their noise may depend on product type, product brand, and size of window coverings. Nonetheless, the sound of motorized blinds cannot be loud enough to disrupt the comfort of your home.

With the help of this article, you can now decide whether motorized blinds are for you or not.

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