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5 Benefits Of Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring in Peterborough is overtaking the likes of carpet, and other types of flooring. The hard-to-beat classic aesthetics of solid hardwood and its stylish ambiance make it a great choice for many homes. Solid hardwood floors are made from solid wood, making them a sturdy option for any floor and level of foot traffic. Hardwood floors also have numerous finishes that will mesmerize both the homeowners and guests. These 5 benefits of solid hardwood flooring will convince you towards switching hardwood flooring.

What are the benefits of solid hardwood flooring?

1. Longevity and Durability

Solid hardwood flooring when properly installed can last for over 100 years on any floor. It compensates for its costly price by lasting longer. The average flooring lasts for only a maximum of 20 years. Although, hardwood flooring is known to be expensive, there are also inexpensive options in the market, to fit everyone’s budget budgets. Installing solid hardwood is a long-term investment that has a good ROI.

2. Low maintenance

Solid hardwood flooring only requires minimal sweeping and vacuuming once in a while. It does not attract debris and dust like other flooring options, with cuts and scratches easily sanded. Hardwood flooring will not only last a lifetime but stay in good shape until you’re ready to renovate your home. However, it is advisable to always keep your hardwood floor dry and clean dirt and liquid immediately after a spill. 

3. Increased home value

Solid hardwood floor drastically improves the value of any home, adding a sizeable amount of dollars to your home’s asking price. Homes installed with solid hardwood also sell faster on the market. Home hunters are aware of the value of hardwood. Hardwood also means the new homeowner wouldn’t worry about floor renovation throughout their stay unless it is for aesthetic reasons. While it is true that a hardwood renovation is an expensive option, your ROI gives justification. 

4. Improved acoustics

Solid hardwood has better acoustics, especially in quiet neighborhoods. However, it can be a source of noise pollution in the middle of a noisy area. Hardwood acoustics is better appreciated by musicians. So if you or one of your children loves music, then invest in hardwood flooring to enjoy the ambiance. Enjoy the rhythm that seeps with solid hardwood.

5. Enhanced aesthetics

Hardwood flooring supports a wide variety of decorations and designs. It comes in different colors and shades while giving your home a traditional and classy ambiance. 

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