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4 Features of Custom Homes in Florida

Aside from beach houses, there is one type of home in Florida that most Bradenton residents gravitate toward, and that is a modern-style home. Most modern-style homes in Florida mesh Mediterranean features with equatorial features such as wide balconies and spacious layouts. They generally encompass verandas and windows that allow for sufficient airflow throughout the home during the summer months. Custom modern-style homes in Florida can incorporate a variety of interior features, exterior features, furniture styles, materials, and decor that add to the southeastern charm.

Interior Features

Modern-style homes in the Bradenton area are recognizable by their relaxing, spacious interiors. A few common features include hardwood floors, lounge areas, sliding doors, mirrors, light-colored rooms, and straight-through hallways. Sliding doors and hallways allow breezes to pass through, and light color palettes and mirrors contribute to the home’s open feel.

Exterior Features

From an outside perspective (literally), Floridian homes are identifiable by their sloping roofs, tilted shutters, excessive windows, white paint, and shaded porches. White paint reflects the sun, allowing the home to cool more efficiently, and shaded porches provide a refreshing area for family and friends to convene.

Furniture Styles

Floridians, especially in the Bradenton area, tend to be conservative with their furniture, limiting their homes to a table and a few chairs and preferring to stock any other furniture on porches and patios. Too much furniture restricts airflow and clutters the open space that they value. Additionally, many Florida residents prefer to spend their time outside when they can, and Bohemian-style outdoor furniture provides a perfect gathering area.


What sets modern-style Florida homes apart from other types of homes are their unique building materials. Their walls are generally made of redbrick and coated with white stucco. Roofs are often made of clay, which complements their sloping features, and floors are usually made of hardwood, which can withstand extreme heat and humidity.

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