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Tips for choosing a right curtain for the living room

Curtainsare the elemental part of interior decoration in a home or office area. They are hung to regulate the light emission from the window and privacy. Act as a good insulator as well. These moveable screens are used to make the Living room private with a sophisticated and beautiful look. They are highly versatile in color, size, patterns, shapes and fabric material. Some excellent types of curtains fabric absorb noise, keep protected from UV light and are fire resistant with a long lifespan, which gives an attractive look to the living rooms. They can be remote controlled to fold or can be controlled by cords to manage intensity of light in living rooms. Their right selection can only transform the rooms better. You should keep following things in mind while choosing curtains for Living room.


Fabric quality or type is the most basic thing to understand the strength and longevity of fabric. Heavy and light curtains have their own shortcomings. Heavy weight curtains are difficult to fold and light weight curtains may not fall well. Pleats in a curtain are good to make them fall well.


When you are going to choose colors in your curtains then you must know whether the location at which curtains have to be installed is directly towards the sun or not. When the bright color curtains are installed at windows towards the sun then, they can be faded soon. So make a smarter choice by avoiding light colors in living room curtains because they fade faster. You must choose a color which can match your background decorations.


If you are transforming your room in designer look then measure with tape. Measure the length above the window which is usually six inches but if you want a dramatic look then you can measure more than six inches. You can measure the floor length of curtains for designer and modern look. When measuring the width of curtains, measure 4 to 8 inches both sides more than original width. These extra inches will help you block out light better.

Right Lining

Privacy is an essential add up, when neighbors may have a view inside your living room. The curtain’s lining can be unlined, privacy lining and blacking out lines. Unlined shades show face fabric. Privacy lining filters light and improves privacy. Blackout lining fabrics help 99% light blockage from windows with 100% privacy. Blackout lining fabric adds more weight on curtain rods.


Layering to the living room curtains is not necessary but good for multi-purpose. You can choose linen sheer curtains to add various dimensions. You’ll be able to soften up and filter light when the window is facing west. Linen Roman shades as a layer can add privacy and light control. They act as a better option for keeping cold outside. You must keep light control lining and privacy lining in mind while purchasing curtains to block sun, sound and to provide energy insulation.

Custom choice

You must select color, size and style of your choice because to match the background decor you need custom choice. You can customize the dimensions to your window size and durable material. It will be available in your budget with little difference in off-the-shelf curtains and customized curtains.

Dry Clean only

If you are going to select curtains for your living room then, you should keep in mind that curtains panels which are washable in machines can be damaged when washed in machines. They must be dry cleanable only because it saves time with money.

Blackout and Privacy

Blackout curtains must be chosen for living rooms so that light can be controlled at a high degree when needed. The dark living room curtains make high degree privacy checks.

Durable Attraction

You must choose a durable fabric of attractive patterns and vibrant colors to make your room look unique and gorgeous. Long lifespan is necessary for living rooms for avoiding immediate damage.

Economic Comfort

You must choose curtains which are highly versatile in styles, designs, qualities, color and size, keeping your budget in mind. They give an attractive and comfortable look to your living room. They must need less expenditure for their maintenance. The curtains for living rooms must be affordable in price.

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