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Ultimate renovating ideas for bathrooms:

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Although until not many years ago, the bathroom had a purely functional role in the general decoration of the home. 

Today it has an increasingly important aesthetic level. The Bathroom renovation York is booming and depends both on the tastes and preferences of each person, as well as the space available.

When renovating the bathroom, there are a series of guidelines to take into account, such as the decoration style, the best colors to paint bathrooms, or the furniture. 

There are a series of Bathroom renovation York that is very interesting to make the space functional, practical, and beautiful.

Here we give you several ideas for your Bathroom renovation York.

Change bathtub for the shower:

Changing the bathtub for a shower means enjoying more space in the bathroom, which is especially relevant in small bathrooms. 

A great benefit not only on a functional level but also aesthetically. One of the reasons why many people decide to change the bathtub for a shower is that the latter is much safer. Especially for the elderly, with reduced mobility or children. The shower is a very safe space, with an anti-slip surface, in which anyone can move comfortably and without any risk.

Painting bathroom tiles:

Painting the tiles is a quick and easy solution that will save you from doing work at home. Please note that you cannot paint with just any paint. 

You will have to use a specific product such as Tile Tollens Enamel, which is water-based, odorless, very easy to apply, as well as washable, and durable.

Suspended elements:

Another aspect to assess in Bathroom renovation York is that the bathroom elements are suspended, such as the sink and the toilet. They are visually much lighter and, also, in this way the floor is kept clear so that cleaning is easier and faster.

Lighting as bathroom decoration:

It should be remembered that when choosing both the type of mirror and its placement in the bathroom, you must take into account the placement of the lights. 

The incidence of more or less light in your mirror, or that it is white, blue, or warmer will create a very special atmosphere in the bathroom. 

Painting and lighting can often be the key to a Bathroom renovation York. We recommend that you make a list of what you would like to change and think about the solution that best suits the desired effect and budget.

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