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Cold Warehousing in Salt Lake City

If your organization entails storing or transportation of perishable products in Salt Lake City, then cold (refrigerated or frozen) storage and food grade warehousing may be a vital part of its system. There are always more than one option to consider, so do you understand how to select the ideal storage facility for your requirements?

The first thing to decide is what sort of food grade warehousing space you will need. The three most frequent types in Utah are dry storage, frozen, and refrigerated storage. Picking between these three should be a pretty straightforward choice. Dry food grade storage locations don’t have temperature controls to regulate the warehouse. These facilities rely on a clean and dry environment to preserve food products which could withstand temperature variation. That is ideally suited for foods that don’t need to remain chilly such as grains, wheat, and flour.

Utilize a refrigerated storage warehouse for goods that have to be stored cold, but not frozen. Refrigerated warehouses in Utah are created for cold foods such as fresh meats, produce, and dairy products. These must remain in a specific temperature range. Refrigerated warehouses stay cold enough to maintain freshness, but do not fall below freezing as that may damage the taste or feel of these products.

The last option is frozen storage. A frozen storage container is required to keep temperatures low enough to ensure all of the food stays completely suspended. These facilities are created for almost any foods that must remain frozen, for example ice cream, TV dinners, and breakfast items. After you have determined what kind of temperature control you need and found a few Salt Lake City places to consider, we recommend inspecting the centers if at all possible. Often a quick on-site visual inspection can tell you instantly if the upkeep and care are up to the criteria you need. You can tell a great deal from the condition of the building. Older buildings can be equally as great as a newer warehouse as long as they have been maintained. Look at the condition of floors and walls in addition to how up-to-date the meals grade refrigeration equipment is. Since cold, food grade storage places in Salt Lake City need to meet very rigorous criteria, most buildings have been kept in reasonably good shape.

The sign of a fantastic chilly, food grade storage warehouse is cleanliness is clearly among the most important aspects of food grade storage in Salt Lake City. The regulations are sure to help push each choice to be sterile, so search for locations that move the extra mile with clean refrigeration. A clean warehousing area is very important for more reasons than just keep dust away in the food that is cold. The better it is kept clean, the less likely pests and rodents are to get in the building. These are among the biggest threats to food in frozen or refrigerated storage so an ultra-clean facility is crucial.

Even the cleanest and best-sealed Utah buildings can get rodents or bugs in them, therefore finding a company with a clear and effective maintenance program is crucial. Each plan should include detailed outlines for what they do to check for and control against unwanted pests in addition to a schedule for routine upkeep of dry, refrigerated, and frozen food grade space.

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