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The Link Between Regular HVAC Duct Cleaning and Your Health

Did you know your dirty air ducts can leave you in the hospital? The main purpose of installing air filters and ducts is to increase the quality of air in indoor home environments. However, when these ducts become dirty – they do the opposite and cause serious health issues for the residents. Homeowners are advised to invest in professional air duct cleaning services as frequently as possible. These cleaning sessions improve the overall health of the air that their family members inhale every day. In multiple medical research studies, it has been proven that a patient’s health will suffer if he or she faces constant exposure to indoor air pollution. Dirty air ducts are perfect sources of air pollution inside the home.

People with Allergies Face Bigger Risks

Every day homeowners shy away from investing in professional HVAC duct cleaning – they make matters worse for themselves. Dirty HVAC systems only get dirtier with time. What starts as simple pieces of dirt and pet dander quickly evolve into piles of dust, pollen, and other harmful allergens. As these pollutants keep getting stuck inside the air ducts, the air quality inside the home deteriorates. Soon enough, these allergens find their way throughout the building, causing people with respiratory allergies to suffer the most.

A Better Quality of Life

Dirty air ducts attract rodents, insects, and other microorganic pests. These unwanted forms of life cause the HVAC systems to stink. The presence of mildew/mold inside the air ducts can make these odors worse. Why breathe in contaminated air when a simple cleaning session can fix the issue? As long as dirty air ducts are not cleaned, the risk of diseases like allergies, sore throats, colds, mood swings, coughing, etc., are ever-present. HVAC systems in homes where older adults or newborns reside need to be cleaned every day. Or else, the large amounts of contaminated air they inhale will surely damage their aging processes.

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