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Top 4 types of fencing in Wokingham:

Whatever the space and its size, a garden fence makes the environment more beautiful, highlighted, and impeccable decoration. For those who want to give a general renovation, it is an excellent alternative!

If you are planning to fence around your garden, you should know about what are the 4 best types of fencing in Wokingham.

1. Bamboo:

Bamboo is a material that goes hand in hand with naturalistic and funky decoration. Due to its easy availability and versatility, it allows a series of garden fencing in Wokingham shapes in the most varied spaces. Furthermore, bamboo doesn’t necessarily have to be the yellowish and ‘ripe’ we know.

You can also use the green or the older one, which looks grayish and very rustic. Garden fencing in Wokingham in a large and modern garden, all closed and very high small models allow more boldness in terms of the format. There are many people who like to make handicrafts with bamboo to make a nice fence that stands out in the landscaping How about investing even in a bamboo gate? Good idea for places and farms Bamboo combines a lot with wire, gives extra protection, and is very practical to make. 

2. Wire Mesh:

Wire fences are common indoors and for grandiose spaces. From the type with fence posts to a small and more elaborate one, it leaves the garden open and visible, a good alternative for those who don’t like to leave the environment completely closed.

This wire fencing in Wokingham is the most used in small spaces, more to keep it decorated. This is that very traditional fence, used for large rural areas.

3. Rustic garden:

Rustic garden fencing in Wokingham allows several concepts. From an idea with stones to carved wood, these are options that vary according to the owner’s taste and the type of space he wants to surround. With stones, in a very classic tone similar to a wall of aged wood, for a grandiose area with carved and very high wood who said iron can’t be rustic either?

4. Plastic or PVC:

This type of fencing in Wokingham is urban and you can always see it in parks and streets. Compared to other materials, the plastic/PVC garden fence is a more economical alternative, although it is not as resistant and safe. There are many colors and many possible shapes, other advantages of choosing this type – you can leave your whole garden renewed.

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