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How to Design a Small Bathroom?

Designing a small bathroom can be tricky. If you fail to design it properly, it might appear cluttered and disorganised. By planning very meticulously and installing only the accessories you need, you can create a beautiful small bathroom design without compromising the essentials. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you to design a small bathroom idea:

01 of 05 Hang a mirror on the wall

You can hang a mirror in any small space to create the illusion of a larger space. Similarly, you can double the look of your bathroom size by installing a large mirror in the bathroom. The ideal place to place a mirror in your bathroom is above the vanity. However, you can install it along one side of the bathroom if it is narrow. Moreover, mirrors reflect light and will make your bathroom design appear bright. As a result, you require a lower number of lighting fixtures to keep the bathroom well-lit.

02 of 05 Opt for wall-mounted toilets

Traditional toilets occupy a lot of space. If you do not have sufficient space in the bathroom, consider opting for wall-mounted toilets. Unlike traditional toilets, their cisterns are installed inside the wall and the toilet seats are mounted on the wall. Hence, opting for these modern toilet seats offer you more legroom and floor space. If it is not possible to install the toilet cistern inside the wall, you can always create a shelf above it for additional storage. 

03 of 05 Avoid installing a tub

Installing a bathtub certainly makes your bathroom more functional but it also occupies a lot of space. In a small bathroom idea, a bathtub can significantly reduce the floor space available. Instead of opting for a bathtub, consider opting for a shower as it will double the floor space. Moreover, they prove to be a better option for older people. Also, taking out sufficient free time every day out of your busy schedule to take a bath in a hot tub might not be possible. People who have pets can consider installing a hand shower for showering them. However, if a bathtub is essential for your kids, consider choosing a lower-profile tub. A lower-profile tub creates the illusion of more open space.

04 of 05 Choose glass tub and shower panels

Shower curtains are outdated and you will rarely find them in modern bathroom designs. One of the biggest issues with shower curtains is that they get dirty and cleaning them requires a lot of time and effort. Moreover, they cut off a huge section from your bathroom design, making it appear smaller. This can be an issue in small bathrooms. Hence, installing frameless glass panels instead of curtains proves to be a better option. Besides opening up the space and making the bathroom appear bigger, it will allow more light to enter the shower or bathtub area. Further, installing glass panels is very easy and they require very little maintenance as compared to curtains. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a fixed glass panel or hinged panel so that you can swing it when required. If you want to choose an option with minimal maintenance requirements, avoid sliding glass panels as cleaning the top and bottom tracks can be difficult.

05 of 05 Make use of vertical space by installing cabinets and open shelves

In small bathrooms, sufficient space is not available to create storage. As a result, you might not be able to store all the bathroom essentials in your bathroom. To avoid this from happening, you can consider making use of the walls. Experts suggest installing mirrored cabinets above the sink for optimum utilisation of space. Similarly, you can install storage on your walls above the cistern, bathtub, or entry door. However, do not opt for heavy shelving as it might make the bathroom appear very cluttered. Metal towel racks are a great option as well. If you are installing cabinets, choose mirrored cabinets so that the bathroom appears larger. The back of the entry door can serve as a great place to install towel bars or robe hooks.

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