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Are you going to build your first house? Stay with us and let us help you

For many, the dream of having a home of their own goes beyond the purchase. Some steps must be accomplished and some knowledge about building a house must be acquired. Building or renovating a house is not an easy job. It takes time, effort and money, as well as the need for different materials. Even more, works of these types are not usually simple and cheap. It is important to pay close attention when buying the infinity of building materials North Wales. On the other hand, the best choice is always to value the quality of the chosen products so that you do not have a headache in the future.

Structure of the project

The first phase to build a house refers to the structure, responsible for giving stability to the entire construction. It is one of the most important phases, even because it is the initial one. Therefore, this phase requires a lot of attention and care not to jeopardize the entire work. Formed by foundation, slabs, pillars, beams and columns, the structure will support everything else. So can you imagine choosing, even more for this phase, poor quality materials? 

Second step: Masonry

The second phase refers to masonry – the set of wall blocks, bricks, stones, foundations and walls. Now the structure begins to take shape, and the building of the house comes to life. It is possible to begin to see the dimension of each room, what the house will be like in size. Therefore, this phase needs a closer look. The basic materials are cement, bricks, sand, concrete blocks, mortar, rebar, PVC pipes, distribution board, plaster and light boxes. In addition to installation wires, electrical and hydraulic materials of the most varied types.

Coverage of the structure

The third phase refers to coverage. It is time to cover the entire property. This part of the work will protect the house and provide thermo acoustic comfort for the residents. You must know how to calculate the weather forecast for the initial phases. If it rains, the work can be delayed and there is a risk of losing a large amount of materials due to humidity. The basic materials for covering the house are tiles, gutters and flashings, nails, wood, cement, thermal blanket, wire, beams, rafters, rebar and the water tank.

Finishing of the construction

The fourth phase refers to finishing and is the final phase. This is the most appreciated phase, which announces the end of construction. It is when the decoration and finishing give the special touch of the dreamed dream. However, this is one of the most expensive stages to build a house. It is the moment where personal taste prevails over construction needs. Mortar, plaster, sandpaper, switches, locks, lamps, grout, tiles, furniture, floors, windows, frames, paint, brushes, paint roller and decoration items are some of the aspects to consider.

In the end

We have only talked about the basic materials for each stage to build a house. Are you wondering how much will it cost to build or renovate your house? Do not worry. One solution is to visit CRL builders merchant North Wales store and get in touch with experts. That way, you will not have to worry about hiring different professionals individually to form a team.

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