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Tile Roof Lifespan

A tile roof is often known for its resistance against the elements and most of these roofs can last for 40 years or more at a time. With the proper care and maintenance, you could enjoy a roofing system that could last over 70 years. 

Tile roofs do have their own set of care instructions and if they aren’t regularly inspected they can become prone to cracking, loosening, and damage. Here are some of the top ways that you can improve the lifespan of your tile roof:

Walk On Your Roof As Little As Possible

Walking on top of tile roofs can often cause damage to the tiles and an increased chance for injury. These are roofing materials that are extremely slippery and they can be damaged easily with fasteners and by walking across them. An experienced roofing contractor is one of the best choices for walking across a roof because they will be able to distribute their weight evenly and avoid cracks to the tiles. 

Inspection After Storms

Tile roofs are often prone to storm damage and if your area has been hit by hail or high winds, it is important to get an inspection if possible. If you’ve experienced wind speeds above 130 mi./h, this can often cause damage to the tiles. Hail damage is another cause for concern, especially with clay tiles. Receiving inspection after every severe hailstorm is a good way to preserve your roof. 

Unclogging Gutters

Keeping your gutters clean can make sure that rainwater can drain away from your roof and you won’t experience ongoing pooling throughout tile systems. Clean out your gutters seasonally to avoid your tiles from experiencing water damage.

Consider some of these top tips and more for improving your tile roofing lifespan. By following some of these tips for care and maintenance, you can enjoy improvements for your tile roofing systems. 

This post was written by Reggie Reed! Reggie is a state-certified roofing contractor and co-owner of Reggie Reed Roofing. He is a 4th generation roofing contractor. RR Roofing offers a wide variety of roofing services for residential homes, apartment complexes, condos, commercial buildings, churches and more. Reggie enjoys dedicating his spare time to helping underprivileged youth in his community and traveling with his family and friends.

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