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Oil painting is a type of art that uses paint oils made out of ground-up coloured pigments mixed with dry oils. The popularity of oil paintings goes back to ancient times, transcending centuries until they landed in modern times. They make highly valuable art pieces and offer a wide array of sturdiness that has allowed them to remain popular for many years.

Everyone wishes to adorn their wall spaces with beautiful oil paintings. They are a sought-after wall decoration that will provide a source of life and brightness in an otherwise dull room. So, what makes oil paintings such exciting pieces of art?

Oil paintings have a rich history and culture

Oil paintings’ inception dates back to the ancient times of Bamiyan Afghanistan when man began his acquaintance with the painting world. A man mixed walnuts and poppies oil to decorate the ancient cave in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, in the 7th century.  

In the 15th century, a famous painter from Belgium, Jan Van Eyck, developed oil painting by mixing linseed oil and nut oil while some English artists used and advocated using oil paint.

Significantly associated with western art, oil painting represents the complex civilization and is the most preferred choice for present-day artists.

Authenticity and uniqueness

Antique oil paintings fascinatingly depict ancient history. Most people are drawn to them because of their authenticity combined with uniqueness. You can always buy oil paintings that are created by prominent and trendy artists. These paintings make art lovers from all around the world acknowledge them.

If a significant artist created the painting in question in art history, then the artwork will be unique and understandably worth it.

The value of oil paintings

Oil paintings have the richness and vibrancy of texture, a reason that makes them so valuable. Creating the oil paints is a detailed process that requires various mediums, tools, and resources, but the resulting piece of art is usually a durable one. 

Oil paintings are created on canvas, which is strong and durable. For example, Linen canvas is less prone to contraction and expansion due to moisture, which results in a long-lasting valuable piece.

The popularity factor

The most common reason people buy oil paintings is to beautify their homes or offices or any other interior or exterior wall space. However, oil paintings are known to depict a high social status to the owner, the more reason they are more popular.

While some people buy oil paintings due to the modern fashionable essence to it. Others buy oil paintings depending on their taste. Either way, they make a gigantic admirable beauty on any wall.

Famous artists mostly create them

Renowned artists use linen canvas to produce long-lasting oil paintings. Famous artists such as Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Botticelli are popularly known for their oil painting techniques and gorgeousness. While their paintings are not affordable by the average person due to high cost and uniqueness, replicas of the legendary paintings are available in art stores to make their artwork available at less value.

The takeaway

People love oil paintings because they are durable, unique, stylish, among other benefits. A buying tip: to discover the age of the oil painting, inspect the pigmentation, cracks on the paint, varnishes, and tinge of the colours.

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