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Should I Repair or Replace my Windows

Every homeowner wants to have the proper functioning of important components in their home, such as windows, doors, insulation systems, and electrical systems. When these important aspects show signs of failure or are not functioning in full capacity, they opt to replace it. But have you wondered that these important aspects can be also repaired.

Over the years, windows develop wear and tear, and this is the reason it fails to function properly. But the important thing is to identify these signs of wear and tear. These small steps will help you to make a wise decision in choosing between repairing or window replacement

Foggy or Dirty Windows: Replace or Repair

Your windows are exposed to challenging weather conditions throughout the year. These weather conditions make your windows look foggy or dirty at times. The crucial part is to figure out the source of the problem. Check for haze in your windows, and if do notice signs of haze, either you can repair it by yourself or you can call the experts to repair and clean it. 

However, if you find traces of dirt accumulation or condensation build-up, it is a clear sign of failed sealing. In this case, it is better to completely replace the window panes or even the whole unit. 

Opening and Closing Difficulties: Replace or Repair

Opening and closing difficulties in windows are the most common problem faced by most homeowners. The simple reason for this type of difficulty is because of the hardware or its tracks. The obvious solution to this problem is cleaning the dirt from the tracks and tightening the window hardware. This is why it is extremely important to use pre-approved lubricants for your windows. This will help the tracks to function properly. 

If you still having difficulties in opening and closing, it indicates warping windows. The reason for this excess pressure on the frame. However, if you own sliding windows or casement windows, then it is better to choose window replacement. 

Sliding Glass Windows: Replace or Repair

In this case, if you find a faulty frame or even the frame is flat and square in shape, the ideal solution is to repair it. However, if the problem still persists, or you are having serious issues, you need to think about window replacement. You can even consider replacing the entire window unit by taking the help of expert window installers. 

Which one is better Repairing or Replacing?

You will be surprised to hear that repairing your windows is the better option in maximum cases. The reason for this is that it can help you to save at least 75% of your savings by simply opting to repair your windows. 

Moreover, the cost of repairing your windows depends upon the type of replacement glass, degree of damage, and size of the window. 

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