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How To Renovate Your Bathroom Spending Little?

Thinking about renovating a bathroom gives you chills. Over time, we postpone the necessary adjustments for fear of the mess and the traditional breakage of work. But, know that we have good news: it is possible to give a completely new face to the environment just renovate bathroom (รี โน เวท ห้องน้ำ which ic the term in Thai) tiles, without a headache.

 A renovation can be more expensive than you think, but it is not always necessary to spend a lot to renovate your bathroom. Do not believe? So, check out the economic tips that we’ve separated for you to give the environment a boost without spending too much!

Invest In Plants

Decorating the room with flowers and plants can bring a new look to the room. Take advantage of the natural light in the bathroom and add at least one potted plant to bring energy to the room.

Renew Bathroom Accessories

An excellent alternative to change the decor without spending a lot of money is to change accessories such as faucets, showers, and valves. Furthermore, changing the sink also guarantees a new look to space, as the size of the piece makes a new impression.

Enjoy Old Furniture

It is also possible to decorate the environment with old bidets and give a retro touch to the bathroom. The furniture can be used for installing the sink or as a small dresser for storing towels and other accessories.

Install A Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper to your bathroom is very easy and will renew the space completely. Choose the option that best suits your room, choosing between a more classic, modern, or neutral look.

Abuse Of Mirrors

Another cheap tip to renew your environment spending little is to bet on mirrors. You can even hide imperfections on the wall with a large mirror that will make the bathroom much more spacious and brighter.

Change The Shower

To renovate the bath area, there is nothing better than investing in a new shower model. In addition to the redesigned look, your baths also gain a new face.

New Painting For Tiles

This is the most practical and fastest way to renew your bathroom tiles without involving a complex renovation. Just choose a good epoxy paint, which is more resistant to moisture, and paint. The options are many: you can paint everything white, leave only a colored wall, paint geometric shapes. To complement this, try painting the bathroom cabinets, too, creating an attractive contrast between walls and furniture.


It is an alternative to “cover” old tiles without having to remove them. You can choose very different coverings with graphics, patterns, and textures that can give a completely new look to your bathroom. Our tip is to perfect the coating on a unique wall and paint the remaining tiles with a similar tone.

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