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Respect Limits And Live Well In The Condo

We attribute the difficulties to an inability to comply with the rules and differences in behavior. “There is a lack of respect by the unit owner concerning the regulations, due to lack of knowledge, or due to specific negligence and willingness to do things in their way. Another aspect is the social and cultural differences inherent to the human being. When you have several people with different opinions, it’s natural to have conflicts. Now, if there is no solid management for manage the fights, then the situation gets worse.

Some residents are not aware of their obligations in the condominium, as they are breaking their own rules. The employee, who is obligated to enforce the rules, goes through a conflict. At the same time, he has to satisfy the customer and reconcile the obligations of his role. He tries to please, but that often means breaking a rule.

The existing flaws in the condominium’s internal regulations also worsen relations between residents and employees. In addition, this document should have other aspects incorporated. The regulation is drawn up when the condominium like the blue line MRT condo (คอน โด สาย สีน้ำเงิน which is the term in Thai) is inaugurated, and later, it is not updated. You have a series of assemblies, but the amendments are not included in the regulation.

Even with a well-made regulation and with all possible specifications, it is not enough that only the resident is aware of the rules that apply in the condominium. The staff must also be well informed, as no one experiences the building’s routine more closely than they do. “The team of employees must also be prepared to deal with this regulation. 

Another inconsistency is the non-participation of building workers in the traditional condominium meeting. “The team of employees has a series of doubts and a very high perception of several problems in the condominium, but they never have a space to put this knowledge. In general, employees are not invited to participate in the assemblies because the residents want to complain about them.

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