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What To Do With Your New Summer House

So, you have built a summer house. A portion of your garden’s landscape has been replaced with a stunning new extension or outbuilding that you will be able to enjoy year-round. Despite the name, summer house, the structure will actually be ideal for you to enjoy during the winter too, certainly more so than the exposed elements of your garden would have otherwise offered.

Now, however, you are considering the design stage. There’s so much potential that comes from creating an entirely new room on your property and you may even be torn between practical purposes and the more indulgent luxuries, such as creating your own home cinema or reading nook. To help you make a decision, one that is ideal for you, we’ve put together some of the most popular ideas for summer home purposes, with notes about what makes them so desirable.

A Place To Dine

Creating a new dining area in your summer house is ideal for a number of reasons but is most often motivated by two. Firstly, it is a potentially wonderful way to eat and share meals with others, as you dine in a room that celebrates nature and your garden without the cost of being restricted to warm days. With the quality of double-glazed windows, you will no longer have to compromise insulation for light either.

The other reason summer houses are perfect for dining is that they alleviate the rest of your home from furniture and dining items, creating a significant amount of space throughout the property. This is not only a desirable asset for your own quality of living space but potential capacity also appeals to potential buyers.

The Remote Office

Summer houses aren’t restricted to rooms of luxury. In fact, as an extension, they can be hugely practical and a home office is an ideal use for such a space. More residents are beginning to embrace telework strategies and are soon discovering that, without a dedicated professional working space, long term productivity is difficult to achieve.

Having a personal office, especially one detached from home and set among the beauty of a garden, is the perfect way to utilise a summer home, getting a substantial return on the investment. When choosing to establish such a room, however, don’t forget to consider insulation, not only for warmth but also for ensured peace and quiet!

Get Creative

It is often the lack of space that prevents our hobbies from flourishing. This is why, for many, creating a summer home on their property is the gateway that allows them to embrace their interests and creativity. Summer houses are a blank canvas and can be easily transformed into an area for storing your tools and equipment while also having the designs and styles to inspire your mind.

Many homeowners also find themselves benefiting from the distance between summer houses and their houses because it allows them to be immersed in a space entirely for creating, instead of hoping to paint while sitting in their living room.

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