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Minimalist Style Home: 4 Tips On How To Save On Renovation Without Losing Quality

Sometimes we feel that urge to innovate the environment, don’t we? But many people end up giving up because they think about the excessive expenses that may exist. However, it’s not as difficult as it sounds; plan well and make the right choice.

1. Have A Good Project

Whoever thinks that hiring an architect to support the renovation is an unnecessary expense is wrong. On the contrary, a good project is the main instrument if the intention is to save money. And it is he who will define the entire execution, the time it will take for the work to be completed, and — most importantly — the details of how much each step of the renovation will cost.

When you don’t have a good project in hand for a minimalist style house(บ้าน สไตล์ ล อ ฟ ท์ which is the term in thai), material losses usually happen, whether due to poor quality, a large quantity, or rework. This can delay the work schedule and also generate a waste of money.

2. Buy Quality Materials

A lot of people confuse quality material with noble material — this one is expensive. But today, you no longer need to invest in marble, for example, to guarantee the sophistication of your project. There are some types of porcelain on the market that cost much less and make the same impression. The same goes for those who want to install wooden flooring in their home or apartment. Consider vinyl and laminate flooring, which are quality materials but much cheaper.

As for sanitary ware, finishes, and metals, the rule is the same. Look for a reputable manufacturer, and from within their catalog — which is usually extensive — opt for something cost-effective. Remember that retailers are trying harder and harder not to lose sales, so use all your bargaining power!

3. Plan Your Expenses

Before starting the renovation, it is essential to know its total cost. With this information, you will be able to decide whether to complete the work or in parts. In spending planning, check when it is more advantageous to accept a discount from a particular supplier for cash payment or when it is preferable to pay in installments. It all depends on the resource you have available! And there’s no way: you’ll need a reserve fund for emergencies, like a broken pipe or a wire that needed to be replaced, and you didn’t even know it. Find out how to renovate your home in a planned and peaceful way! Click on the banner and check it out:

4. Hire Good Professionals

To avoid headaches, it is recommended to always rely on the support and guidance of a good professional, whether an architect or engineer, throughout the work — here, it is also worth researching. But beware: cheap can be expensive! Therefore, it is best to pay fair value for the work that will be performed. Try to hire, for the workforce, professionals with reference. And it is essential to formalize a contract and comply with all labor legislation.

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