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How To Use Your Heat Pump More Efficiently This Summer

Turning on your Mitsubishi heat pump is a good way to cool off your home or commercial premises. But as energy-efficient as it is, you will notice increased consumption on your next power bill and, of course, you’ll have to pay for it. Many people will be in the same boat this summer because they make the old mistake of believing that a heat pump is the ultimate in cooling and heating efficiency. While it certainly goes very close, there are other things that can be done to make it work even better and keep power usage down.

It could be something as simple as keeping curtains and blinds closed during the hottest parts of the day. Conversely, you might want to open the house up for a while. Before you turn the heat pump on, you can open windows and doors at opposite ends of the house to create a cross-breeze through the home. This natural ventilation will blow out the accumulated heat and once you’ve closed your windows and doors after that process, your heat pump will have less work to do.

When setting a cooler heat pump temperature, many people make the understandable error of going too low too early e.g.19 to 21 degrees Celsius. But the room won’t cool any faster by going for the lowest preferred temperature from the get-go. It’s been shown that the most efficient way to do it is to start at around the 22 to 23 degrees mark and gradually adjust downwards from there. It’s worth keeping in mind that people wear lighter clothing in summer so 19 degrees might actually be too cold anyway, and it might be a waste of power to go that low in the first place.

Heat pump experts, like this company in Auckland, also have the following suggestions:

  • Use the Dehumidifying or Fan Only mode as they’re more energy-efficient than the full cooling mode. The reduced humidity or air-flow might be enough to keep you comfortable.
  • If you have a heat pump in the bedroom, use the timer on the device to turn it on for two to three hours, starting 30 minutes before you go to bed. This should be enough to make the room cool and comfortable and help you get to sleep.
  • Have the heat pump serviced and the filters cleaned. Any appliance with clean filters operates far more efficiently.

Switching on a Mitsubishi heat pump, or any other brand for that matter, is a good start when it comes to staying cool. But even the latest heat pump technology can do with a little human intervention to run even more efficiently, and keep you even more comfortable.

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