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Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Troubleshooting And Guide

Are you the one who owns a Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner and have you fallen into any problems or troubles while using your pool cleaner? Then you may have come to the right place, as here we are going to discuss some common problems and troubleshooting guides about the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool cleaner.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is one of the prominent and handy pool cleaners from the Dolphin and Maytronics brand. This is a suitable and ideal pool cleaning opinion for pools up to 50 feet in depth. It comes with a powerful suction ability and easy-to-use features for convenience. You can acknowledge more details from the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus review

Below we have explained some necessary tips & guides as well as some troubleshooting concepts in brief from the inquiries of real users. To solve your problems and concerns related to Dolphin CC Plus Pool cleaner you can follow our way through.  

How To Troubleshoot My Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool Cleaner

For troubleshooting your Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus pool cleaner you don’t have to know anything about rocket science, it’s quite simple. Robotic pool cleaners are a great option for hassle-free pool cleaning, but sometimes they may show some malfunctions or may not work properly. For a simple and quick Dolphin Nautilus CC pool cleaner troubleshooting follow these steps. 

1. Pool Cleaner Starts and turns off immediately

When your pool cleaner is not working or starting then it is sure that the issue is related to the power connection. One of the possible reasons for this inconvenience is because of some fault in the power supply cable of the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. For running your pool cleaner properly it needs to be connected through the power supply to an electric socket. Before doing anything to this, be sure to check out the cables and all other power supply connections. 


First of all, recheck the power supply connection which is connected to a PowerPoint. Instead of plugging in the cleaner’s cable, it is better to plug and check through any other electric appliances into the socket and confirm if the appliance is receiving power or not. If you find out any issues with the power port, then contact a certified electrician to check out the power points. It is also recommended by experts that you can turn off the Dolphin CC plus cleaner for half a minute and then turn it on again. 

2. Dolphin CC Plus Pool Cleaner is Not Moving

Now the issue is, Power supply and all other checkups are okay but the cleaner is not moving properly. And for this issue, the main reason can be any mechanical malfunctions that are causing this. Without any delays you should initially check out the power cords, they may have been stuck or get knotted with the moving wheels if the cords are made of non-swiveling wires. 


At first glance, we will recommend you to visually check the whole pool cleaner if there are any visible obstacles shown before you contact customer support. If any visible obstacles are found, then try to fix it up on your own and then run your Dolphin cleaner again. 

On the other hand, if you fail to identify any issues of your own by any visible inspection, then it is high time to contact the service care office for added support. For any technical errors or malfunctions, it is recommended to call technicians or experts for solving properly without added hassles. 

3. Cleaner is working but not cleaning properly

This time your pool cleaner is turned on and is working but it is not cleaning properly as it is expected to perform. This can be an issue for the lack of traction or gravity and some shortage issues relating to the water flow. Before going to troubleshoot it, you can do some proceedings of your own. Check the filter basket or the filler bag, are they cleaned properly, or if the basket causes a lack of water flows? 


After a visual check if you sort out that the filter bag is overly full this can hazard the Dolphin Nautilus pool cleaner’s capability to effectively travel around the swimming pool for proper cleaning. If the filter bag is not loaded but is pretty much used and depleted then this may also cause the cleaner to not move properly for the est coverage. 

If there are no issues with the filter bag then check the erosion and cut on the roller’s brushes. If the rollers are being damaged in any way this can also cause a lack of traction. For damaged roller brushes, you need to replace them. But if they are in a safe state then you have to contact customer support for additional technical assistance.

4. Dolphin Cleaner Doesn’t Climb The Pool Wall

If your pool cleaner goes climbing the wall of the swimming pool then this can be a manual issue so far seems. You just need to be sure if the pumping motor of the pool cleaner is working in a sound way. This can also happen because of the overgrowth of algae throughout the swimming pool’s wall. 


This can be an internal cause or may not be an issue at all if it happens because of the algae. Check the motor if it is pumping or not, if the motor is fine then check your pool’s wall. Algae issues may occur because of an unbalanced and abnormal amount of chemical levels or keeping the pool uncleaned for a prolonged period, this may cause extra algae growth. 

Final Words

Now it is clear that you have got some essential guidance about Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool cleaner. Next time when you face any troubles with your pool cleaner we suggest you look after our troubleshooting guide. If any serious problem occurs, then it is better to contact any consumer support or pool cleaner experts.

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