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How To Select The Proper Automatic Doors


Selecting the right automatic gates (ประตู รั้ว อัตโนมัติ, which is the term in Thai) is a very important factor to consider when people are entering your building. All automatic doors have different characteristics and advantages. Some are cost affecting while some are a space saver. Also, it takes some time to decide the right automatic door (ประตู อัต โน, term in Thai) for your premises. Here’s the guide for choosing the right automatic door for your premises.

Sliding Automatic Doors

The most prominent and economical door system, the sliding automatic doors, is very cost-effective. It is popular in some areas like hospitals and supermarkets with heavy traffic. These doors furnish a wide and clear opening.

You can also apply sliding doors on-premises with less space. Because of their simplistic design, they have few amounts of moving parts. Automatic doors are very flexible with solitary and dual openings. To fit more locations, there are bi-part or telescopic sliding doors as well.

Swing Automatic Doors

Automatic Swing Doors are appropriate for low, medium, and high frequented areas. These doors are functional when sliding doors are not a choice. The automatic operators are retro-fitted in these types of automatic gates, both on the inside and outside.

There are large varieties of swing doors. You can set the door to low which means that the door only works when it is pushed. These doors also act as an ideal confirmation for your business as per DDA standards. The automation is done in a small amount as compared to the amount for replacement of doors.

Automatic Folding

Folding doors are perfect for areas with limited space. They provide a clearance width while still offering the benefits of automatic doors. It has an option for fitting in both front openings and between two sides of the wall. It is generally used in tapered passageways in hotels, hospitals, business headquarters, restaurants, and homes for elder people. They do not require expanse backing the door like the swing doors. Therefore, they act as a space-economizing solution.


Apart from all the three designs available in the market, there are still some manufacturers who provide you with customized designs. All these designs depend upon the functions and design needs of the facility. Therefore, before selecting an automatic door, it is important to consider the nature of traffic, its layout, and the type of facility available in particular locations. Automatic doors are the best and the most convenient options you have for your shops, hotels, supermarkets, and a lot more.

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