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Great Choices for the best Poolscapes

The pool house, literally “pool house” can be used as a storage space, summer kitchen and relaxation area. This integral part of the swimming pool brings comfort and practicality to this outdoor leisure area. But at the time of purchase, how to find your way around? What material and type of roof to choose? Which model should be favored? Elements of answers.

The pool house is the ideal complement to a swimming pool: it can house the technical room of the basin, serve as storage, accommodate the toilets and a cloakroom, a summer kitchen or even a spa … This space becomes a place to live in its own right, friendly and practical for the whole family.

In its traditional version, the pool house serves as a technical room, cloakroom and storage space for swimming pool products and accessories. In its more comfortable and modern version, it can also house a summer kitchen, sauna, jacuzzi, billiards. Through its different uses, the pool house claims to be the ultimate summer living room provided that choose your materials well and respect a few construction criteria. The poolscape North Augusta SC happens to be the best there.

Pool house: which material to choose?

Depending on the style of pool house you want, you can choose from a large number of materials to build your pool house. Two major criteria must be taken into account before embarking on this acquisition: the budget, the porosity and the non-slip aspect of the materials (whether on the walls or on the floor).

Ceramics for the floor

The most resistant ones can be on the ground. Ultra resistant to humidity, and non-slip, porcelain stoneware does not need protection or stain treatment. “The joints are water repellent to resist the development of fungi” explains the Key Account Manager of Mosa France. Beyond the price, the only recommendation to take into account: “Be careful with the choice of color, if the ceramic is too light, it dazzles and if too dark, it burns your feet in the sun”.

The wooden frame

The most economical are used to build. A wooden pool house has the advantage of being very easy to assemble. Large brands offer them in kits at attractive prices. Depending on the species of wood selected, its appearance generally melts very well in the world of the pool. The exotic is undoubtedly one of the most expensive but the most suitable for this wetland.

You will like

Namely that the wood remains one of the most demanding in terms of maintenance and over time, this option can quickly become a constraint: alienation of color, curling, stains.

Concrete pool house, the most robust

The hard pool house is one of the most secure for storing accessories and outdoor furniture: barbecue, games. Admittedly, this option requires a little more time to build and its cost remains higher but its solidity and resistance are cut. It also has the advantage of being tailor-made, depending on the location and the desired style: contemporary or traditional.

Stone: the most fragile

Stone is a naturally porous material which needs to be water-repellent, in a humid area and therefore in a pool house area. In task box; sunscreen, any food or drink; you will have to redo all the protective treatment. Also take into account, depending on the region, the risk of frost breakage in winter.