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Do All the Doorknobs in Your Home Need to Match?

Setting up a new home seems easy at first, you get to pick out everything and really make everything unique to your taste… but then, it comes to actually making the choice between hundreds of options! That’s when things that seemed easy at first, start to become increasingly difficult! One of these things is usually the doorknobs! 

Whether you’re working on a brand new house, or a renovation with door repair NYC, or a door repair service in your area, It can be very hard to figure out which doorknobs go where on your doors! One of the most common questions people have is whether all the doorknobs in their home need to match? Well, the answer is more of a yes and no.

There are some reasons why you would want your doorknobs to match, and reasons why you don’t! Let’s take a look at these reasons in a little more detail to figure out which side you land on! 

Reasons Why You Would Want the Doorknobs to Match 

First, let’s go over why your doorknobs should match. 

All the doors are in view together: If all of your doors are in view together, like if you have an open floor plan or a smaller condo, it will make more sense to have all the doorknobs match perfectly. It’ll bring more uniformity to the home and make everything flow a lot better! 

You’re trying to use them as an anchor: If you’re going for a mix and match, eclectic type of a look for your home, you probably already have a lot going on. If you add mismatched doorknobs into the mix, you’ll just have a room that’s far too overwhelming to look at! Balance the “too much” with an anchor item, matching doorknobs! It’ll calm the “cluttered” look, and make everything look like it’s the way it is on purpose! 

You’re getting a bulk deal: One of the main reasons people go for matching doorknobs is that it’s cheaper to get a bulk deal than to pick out one piece of each type of doorknob you like. If you’re trying to stay within budget, that might be your best bet! 

But They Don’t Always Have to Match 

However, there’s no hard and fast rule, if you really want to have mismatched doorknobs, you can! There are 3 main ways you can incorporate them into your home!   

Doorknobs with very slight differences: One way to use different doorknobs without making things look too crazy, is by doing for doorknobs that look the same but have very slight differences that set them apart. That way, you’ll get to have fun with your doorknobs, and your home will still look cohesive! 

Doorknobs that are similar: Another way to use mismatched doorknobs in your home, is by picking one theme that you’d want to stick with. Then, find as many doorknobs that are different from one another, but still, fit in the same general theme. Here, you’ll have to go the extra mile and lay all of your options next to each other and see if they still go together, if they do, start installing them door by door! If they don’t, keep swapping them out until you land on a set that matches in its own mismatched way! 

Totally unique doorknobs: Finally, we have the “totally out there” mismatched doorknobs. These can be any type of knobs, as crazy as you can think of! You’ll have to follow the same routine as the similar doorknobs here. Lay them all out and see how they look together. Now of course, these doorknobs won’t match the same way as the same, or similar ones will, but it’s still better to see them side by side to see if they clash too much. If they don’t, put them on and enjoy the unique look! 

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