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Why Fitting Kitchen Islands Is A Good Idea

If you have the space, a kitchen island bench can offer a completely new look and function to your kitchen. Islands give bonus storage space, a great family morning gathering spot, extra counter space and even cooking and washing up potential – not to mention it looks fantastic and modern. With so many options it is a great idea to own a kitchen island, so for anyone still unsure about whether to get one, here are some of the most useful ideas for utilizing them.

Great For Families 

A kitchen island is a great place for kids to be involved with the goings-on of the kitchen. In an era of social media and device dependence just having a place where the whole family can gather around is a gem. The kids can do homework or surf the web while you get on with cooking or cleaning. The key point is that you will be in the same room and able to connect with each other. The desirable style of a kitchen island will make the room a more inviting place for children and teenagers to spend their time.

Serves As A Second Table 

If you have the kids wanting to gather around the island you can go one step further and turn it into a family dining area. The modern world sees a lot of families sitting in front of the TV to eat while pretty much ignoring each other. Combine the dining room into your island for an active hub for everyday meals and keep the conversation going with friends round by having them sat right next to you as you prepare dinner. Islands are amazing for social interaction – something we all need.

More Space For Storage 

Provided you have the room for a decent sized fitted island there are chances to give space back to other areas of the kitchen. You can fit deep cabinets and drawers underneath for overflow items or recycling bins, install a microwave directly into the unit, or even turn the island itself into the central cooking area with a stove for maximum counter space in the rest of the room and a focal point for cooking and entertaining. Versatility means that the top ideas for kitchen islands stretch out to whatever you need them for the most.

Style Points

Nothing says drama in a good way like a starkly contrasted kitchen island. Using a different material for the countertop or a dark color for the island base and accompanying seating will really make the island a standout from the rest of the room. It’s a way to make a style statement and excite the senses when you enter the room. If you have a large or open plan space, go for duelling islands to make even more of an impact, as well as double the functionality with one for cooking and one for dining.

The kitchen island trend remains new and exciting in the design landscape. It is a sharp and stylish addition to any kitchen and there are plenty of top ideas on kitchen islands today.

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