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What To Know About Parking Spine

The parking blocks offers several advantages in terms of safety for parking lots where there are many pedestrians, which results in a significant drop in the number of accidents caused within the establishment. This gain in security makes the parking spine indispensable for parking lots in residential buildings and commercial establishments.

Types Of Speed For Parking

The parking spine is manufactured in two main types, and what sets them apart are the materials used in the manufacture. It is possible to purchase a parking spine made of EVA or steel, and these spines are recommended for different types of parking lots.

When the parking spine is to be installed in a secure place, it is recommended that the spine made of EVA be used, as it can be installed more quickly, without having to carry out any modification to the ground where it will be placed. This allows the waterproofing processes to be maintained and further prevents any structural damage that could be caused due to the perforation used for the parking spine to be installed.

In the case of using the metal parking spine, it is recommended that it be used outdoors. Due to its more robust construction, the metallic spine allows for total resistance to harmful agents present in the environment, such as abrasives, corrosives, and even constant humidity during rainy periods, to be obtained. On the other hand, for the metal spine to be installed, it is necessary to drill holes because screws are used in the fixation.

Characteristics Of The Metallic Parking Bolt

The manufacture of the metal parking spine is made with high-quality materials, which provide:

  • A long service life.
  • Making the period between maintenance longer.
  • Thus, allowing the user to generate less expense in the use of this spine compared to other types of security devices.

To purchase a metal parking spine, it is necessary to carry out an accurate measurement of the space in which it will be installed; Due to the manufacturing and commercialization by meter, it is essential that the metallic parking spine covers the entire width of the street, in addition to having brightly colored markings so that drivers can see it and reduce speed quickly.

The steel used in the manufacture of the metallic parking spine has high resistance to a series of corrosive and abrasive agents, being fixed to the ground using screws; the use of the metallic parking spine is recommended in open areas due to the need to drill the ground so that its installation can be carried out.

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