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What to consider before buying a sliding patio door

Are you considering installing a sliding patio door? Do you want to upgrade your patio with a matching sliding patio door? And do you wish to know what are the trendy HDB front door and gate theme? Do not be in a hurry; here are the crucial factors you should consider before buying a sliding patio door.

1. Sliding Patio Door Size

Before stepping into one of the windows and doors companies to buy a sliding patio door, you must know the exact size of your patio door opening. The is essential as it will be used to determine the cost of your sliding patio door. You need the help experience of a door installer to measure the patio door opening correctly to avoid a mismatch. Meanwhile, if you already have the measurements, you can contact a few windows frame companies such as https://ataluminium.com.sg/for an estimate.

2. Sliding Patio Door Frame Material

Irrespective of your location, your sliding patio door will be exposed to the elements. The major factor here is how your sliding patio door can handle extreme heat, cold, rain, and snow. It will be best to choose a patio door that can withstand the weather in your location.

It is good to keep in mind that the frame of the sliding patio door can be made from aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Meanwhile, you should choose the frame material that is energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and durable.

3. Glass Details

You must decide on the details of the sliding patio door glass. The first thing to look out for is the energy efficiency of the glass, its UV resistance, and your privacy need. If you need the glass to improve your privacy, you can consider installing a reflective glaze.

4. Security

You should find a balance between a sliding patio door that is easy to use and secure. Windows and doors companies ensure to make sliding patio doors safe to boost homeowners’ security. There are sliding patio doors that have exterior key locks, deadbolts, and those that do not put open from the outside. Consequently, you should consider your security and choose the right sliding patio door for your home. 

5. Durability

You expect your sliding patio door to last a long time. As a result, choose the door that has a higher value in terms of longevity. Paying a little more to gain extra 5-15 years of durability is a great option you should consider when choosing the frame material, glass quality and details, and hardware for your sliding patio door.


Having understood the tips above, you can contact as many windows and doors companies as possible for a quotation. Following the tips above, you will have the best quality sliding patio door that will meet your requirements. 

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