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Carpet vs. Rugs

There are several flooring options available in the market to make your floor beautiful. You may go to install an entirely new and trendy floor like vinyl or hardwood. If not, you can also go for a less cheap option like rugs and carpets. Although both words “rugs” and “carpets” are used interchangeably, two are different products. While Carpets are used as a wall-to-wall covering, rugs are popular to cover a particular area of the floor and enhance its beauty. Both are great decorators with their perks and benefits. If you don’t know the difference, then you must because you can’t select a rug when you need a carpet for your floors. There is a healthy rivalry going between carpets vs. rugs from last decades. Here I have arranged a list of pros and cons of both that might help you in selecting a better flooring décor for your home.


Carpets are a beautiful part of our homes. They are popularly known as a welcome addition to our house. Few of its perks are:


  • Carpets cover the whole floor and give you lots of benefits. You can install a carpet from the wall-to-wall. It may hide any unlevel surface and floor defects, if any.
  • Carpets are installed with glue or different adhesive, which helps it stick to the ground with a firm grip. Rugs make them an excellent choice for corridors and slippery places like stairs.
  • If you choose carpets according to the color scheme and theme, the colors of carpets unify the whole room décor scheme and make it look more bright and uniform.
  • Carpets add warmth to your living place as they are excellent heat insulators. Besides this, carpets are also an excellent choice for massive traffic places as they cause less noise. A carpet in the stairs of a house with kids will save you from lots of foot noise running up and down.


  • Some types of carpets are prone to allergies if you have a fluffy pet beware of breathing allergies.
  • A carpet works great as a floor in a heavy foot traffic place, but it will require lots of cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes wear, and tears make your work more difficult.
  • Carpets are heavy, and once you install, they stick to that place until you change them permanently.



  • Rugs are a traditional product of covering floors. Rugs are great at highlighting a particular place of a house. For instance, install it under the table; your living room’s place will get brighter and more beautiful than any other place in the room.
  • Rugs are light in weight, and you can put them off and place them at any other place. Or you may keep them in-store and install a new one then use them later on.
  • Rugs are available in different colors, patterns, and designs; there is a vast range of traditional to modern designs. You can choose according to your desire. Due to their lightweight and cheaper than carpets – you may change them or replace them according to your desire.
  • You can clean and maintain easily. Often people wash them easily at their place, and it turns out to be new and fresh again.
  • Rugs are mostly available in natural and hand woven material, which gives it an edge of being an anti-allergic product.
  • Floors are the great product of decoration itself these days, and a covering like carpets might hide all its beauty and glamour. Rugs are blessing in this sense; you may only cover a specific place of your rooms to give it a different look – and enjoy the beauty of the floor in the rest of the room.


  • Rugs are not glued down with the ground; that’s why there are chances of slipping and tripping. For this, it is better not to install rugs in the stairs.
  • Rugs do not create the same unified looks to your room as wall to wall carpets may provide.


The choice between the two can become hard sometimes. Decide according to your needs and design requirements. If you still can’t decide to try to consult with the suppliers of rugs and carpets, they will guide you through buying the perfect item for your home.

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