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What is the Safest Lock for a Front Door?

Choosing the lock for the front door is always a difficult choice to make. It needs to be durable, stylish, and above all, safe and secure. In order to understand what the safest lock for a front door is, you need to know the types of door locks that exist.

1.  Single Cylinder Locks

The way of operation of a single-cylinder lock is through a key on the outside and via a thumb knob on the inside. Some models of single-cylinder locks even offer access through a numeric keypad in addition to the keyhole. Schlage nd series is offering incredible discounts for cylindrical locks. 

2.  Double Cylinder Locks

The double cylinder lock works in the same as the single-cylinder locks. However, to operate from both the inside and outside, a key has to be used instead of a thumb-knob on the inside. They offer more safety and security in a case attached to a glass door. However, they can be a hazard, too, in case of a fire where people need to get out quickly but can’t do so because of the key operation instead of a thumb-knob from the inside. Check out the discount on Schlage nd series cylindrical locks.

3.  Vertical Locks

Most commonly used on commercial doors, vertical locks secure the door using a vertical bolt that expands to a set of rings. A metal plate is attached to the door, which has steel rings inside. These steel rings are interlocked with steel rings attached to the lock itself. Vertical locks come in both single- and double-cylinder options.

4.  Smart Locks

These are the modern locks that incorporate the latest technology. The way of access is through wireless connections or biometrics. Some smart locks offer even a wider range of features such as motion-activated cameras, recording anyone who visits your door.

Now that you are familiar with the types of locks let’s have a look at some important things you should consider before choosing the safest lock.

●    Strike Plate

The strike plate plays an essential role in the locking and unlocking your door. It is also an essential part of the lock on which the security depends. If the strike plate is weak or flimsy, it can drastically reduce the security of the lock. Therefore, know your strike plate when buying a lock and ensure it is of good quality.

●    The Lock Grade

There are three grades for locks. Grade 1 is the highest rating any lock can get, offering maximum security. Grade 1 locks were once limited to industrial property; however, many lock makers have expanded their range to residential properties as well. What most residential and commercial buildings use these days are Grade 2 locks. They are made out of a good quality of steel. The design is suitable for preventing forceful entries. Grade 3 is the lowest rating and offers minimal security. It also has a low capacity to fight force and dies out early.

●    Installation

You also need to take into account the installation of the lock. Ensure that it fits your door requirements.

To Conclude

Once you have considered everything mentioned above, you will be able to land on a lock choice that is safe for your front door. Head on to Schlage commercial locks online in order to get the best discounts on the safest locks.

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