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Design Ideas for incorporating Wicker Bathroom Furniture

Using the Wicker bathroom furniture is quite popular because of its woven and open airy appearance. This is practical and expands the space available. Wicker will offer warmth and charm to a bathroom that is otherwise cold and uninspiring. Wicker accents and furnishings are adaptable, and may be mixed and matched with other wicker items or with standard bathroom furniture. Wicker is one of the best materials for any area because of its longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Let’s have a look at some design ideas for incorporating wicker into your bathroom, so you can quickly change your ordinary space into a natural wicker designer bathroom:

  • A Wicker Mirror can be hung on the wall– Install a new wicker mirror on your bathroom wall. Make sure the mirror is the right size for the space. Choose from round, oval, rectangular, or half-moon shapes that complement the style you wish to exhibit for a better perspective above the sink. Large mirrors are useful for making a room appear larger and for dressing. Smaller mirrors can be used to add interest to other walls.
  • Use a wall cabinet made of wicker– A wicker wall cabinet can provide additional storage space for toiletries while also adding a decorative element to an otherwise uninteresting wall. They can be hung above toilets or in open wall space where the contents can be easily accessed. Wall cabinets with an external shelf and towel bar, as well as shelves behind the cabinet doors, are available in a variety of styles. These cabinets look excellent and add a lot to the overall design of the room.
  • A Wicker Wall Shelf is a great addition to any bathroom– Wicker wall shelves are ideal for displaying trinkets, photos, or miscellaneous necessities. Colours and styles, as well as single and multi-tier shelf units, provide a variety of decor possibilities. Wicker wall shelves look best when they’re hung at or just below eye level.
  • Install a Towel Cabinet Made of Wicker– Wicker floor cabinets can be used in a variety of bathrooms to store towels and other bathroom supplies while keeping them clean and hidden. To gain access to the shelves inside, wicker towel cabinets often feature two doors. Choose a spot for your floor cabinet in the bathroom. It should be placed in such a way that you may reach the contents while not obstructing any other bathroom features or air vents. If at all feasible, place it such that anyone passing by the bathroom door can view the cabinet’s face.
  • Making Use of Wicker Waste Baskets– A waste basket is required in every bathroom, and what better waste basket to utilise than a wicker trash basket. They’ll all do the job, whether they’re round, oval, or rectangular. Match the shape and colour of the chair to the rest of the room’s furnishings and decorations. Choose hues that complement the bathroom’s dcor. When utilising a trash basket out in the open, it should not be hidden but rather prominently displayed to ensure proper use.

Adding wicker to your bathroom with one or more of these design ideas will improve your bathroom d├ęcor and make you happy. Wicker has long been believed to be the ideal material for furnishings in a beach house or cottage. It has, however, swiftly acquired appeal as a material that can be utilised in almost any place, both inside and outside the home.

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