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What Are The Qualities To Be Looked At Before Selecting Countertops?

Granite is a natural igneous rock that is phaneritic and granular in texture. It is a mixture of Quartz and Alkali feldspar. The color of these natural rocks varies depending on their characteristics, compositions and mineralogy. However, the countertops made of granite have great demand in the market.

How can you check for the best quality?

Granites are one of the most popularly chosen material that people choose when it comes to countertops and cabinets whether in your kitchen or in the bathrooms. There are various qualities available in the market from various reputed companies like Granite selection where people can expect value for their money. Below are the points which should be checked to get the best quality countertops:

  • The first thing you need to do is to make a careful inspection and see if there are any cracks orif the surface is uneven. Even a tiny crack can increase the chances to break the slab gradually. Presence of any bump or cavity tells us that it is not of a good quality
  • The thickness of the granite slab will also tell us about the quality of the slab. If the thickness of the slab is not even 1 inch it is suggested not to choose the one
  • Granite are of different kinds. It is therefore obvious that different kinds will have different absorbency. You need to choose the one that is lesser absorbent. This will ensure long-term durability. You can check them by putting some lemon juice if it gets absorbed quickly, then don’t go for the slab
  • To ensure if the slab has a good quality polish just scrape on the surface using a coin or something that is not very sharp. If that makes scratches, you will come to know that the polish done is of a low quality. Do not select the slab. It will start to lose its shine very soon

Always make the right choice

Whether to choose Quartz countertops or granite slabs is a question that comes to everyone’s mind. Both types of countertops have their own advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day, it depends on the choice of the consumer which one to choose. However, it hardly matters which countertop you choose, but what it matters is that from where you are availing the countertop because reputed companies of the market like Granite Selection will always provide you the best quality countertops.

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