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Smart Security Features for our Home

Our home is a place that we know that provides security and safety for a family. Its primary purpose is to be the shelter of humans, wherein it is the place where people will come back after a long day. It means it is a place wherein we leave in the morning and then come back in the evening.

We all want to have a home that is safe to live in. It is basically its purpose, wherein it makes us safe from different happening around us like bad weather, or some natural disasters. Also, our home is the place that can keep us safe from rain, sunlight, and storm. It is a place where our heart is.

A home is where our family and loved ones are. It is our comfort and happy place. It is where we feel accepted, respected, and loved. It means it is not just a building or a structure, but it also brought joy into our lives.

Today, we all have our ideal structures and designs for our home. Through the advanced technology that we have, many people have considered having security measures in their homes. As some homes already have a doorbell, they wanted to improve security through having a video doorbell.

One of these is the Nest Hello video doorbell. It is a much-known device that provides doorbells with security and intelligence of nest cameras. It is very sleek and very aesthetic. Some of its known features are its front camera with night vision for clearer view in day and night, the LED light ring, and microphone and speaker for two-way communication

The best feature of its design is, it will light up and can send you an alert if someone approaches, even if they do not ring the bell. It is the smart feature of this device known as the Nest Hello’s Quick Responses application that gives the user this face recognition as well as body detection.

Aside from this, there is also a known video doorbell called the Ring Pro. It has the most similar functions with the Nest Hello. One difference that a user can immediately see is the aesthetic. It is rectangular, unlike the oval shape of the other one. But it has a great feature that a user will be amazed. It has an ultra-wide 160° field of view, wherein it provides a wide range of its camera. Also, it has advanced features of motion detection, motion zones, and human detection. However, this device does not have face recognition. But, in exchange for that, they have two-way communication and noise cancellation.

So, if we need security measures for our home, we need to assess if what we really need. Once we already know what our point in having a video doorbell is, then we can determine the different advanced devices that we have in the market, such as Nest Hello vs Ring Pro.

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