Wardrobe Design Trends to Watch Out

Wardrobe designs create trends and complement well to fulfill an individual’s taste and values in all aspects of life. A wardrobe is the essential bedroom aesthetics and adds beauty to the personal space. There is a need for space and storage everywhere, and interior design is the growing trend to impart the best look for any room. And these storage spaces have turned into a style statement to create the best wardrobe design.

Factors To Consider for Designing a Wardrobe

Houses come in different sizes and styles and have space to personalize and configure the modern wardrobes. From compact studio apartments to lavish villas, it is crucial to research and install the latest wardrobe designs. Some of the factors to consider are:

  • Analyse the Space

One can only create the wildest design for wardrobes if the space in any room is enough. Hence a person has to analyse and determine the floor area by mapping it and checking the dimensions. Then the wardrobe measurements are taken into consideration, and then one must overview the different patterns. Therefore, a better understanding of the room space is the primary concern before investing in any Wakefit wardrobe.

  • Understand the Surrounding

The surrounding environment has a significant impact on interior design, and therefore, it creates an effect on the type of furniture one wants. A place that is prone to dust will require dust-free coating, be it for any furniture like wardrobes, and an individual should also analyse the other aspects of lofts, leakages and odours before installing a cabinet appropriate for space.

Wardrobe Design Trends

By paying attention to the main factors, one can choose the best wardrobe design concerning its size and design.

·     Two Door Wardrobe

A two-door wardrobe is the most petite size wardrobe available in the market with two swinging doors. It opens out and has a topmost hanging space with shelves organized in the bottom-most region. The number of shelves and their depth determines the cupboard capacity. These wardrobes come in various shades and colours as one can also customize them. Two-door wardrobes are mostly high cupboards and can be designed with a loft according to the requirement of the user. In such cases, the floor space for storage shrinks and the loft installed along with a wardrobe helps save space by accommodating more items. One can also make this particular wardrobe with both a drawer and a mirror. A wardrobe with a mirror is essential for a small room that does not have space to accommodate a dressing table. The large mirrors on the cabinet also create a modern and stylish outlook to the entire room space. And the drawer is popular amongst everyone as it satisfies the storage requirements both inside and outside the wardrobe.

  • Three Door Wardrobe

A three door wardrobe is a type of wardrobe that has three doors, as the name suggests. It looks like a two-door wardrobe attached with a single elongated shelf attached to it. The extended shelf has one door, and these cannot accommodate more kinds of stuff. The other side has a drawer in the middle with hanging space on top and some more shelves in the bottom-most region. The hanging space is the broadest part of the cupboard that holds the formal attire. The drawer is used to accommodate the other essential or valuable stuff in a person’s collection.

  • Four Door Wardrobe

The four-door wardrobe has a two-door wardrobe in the middle with two single elongated shelves with single doors on either side. The drawers are placed in the centre, and one can customize it with a mirror. A dedicated space for individual drawers in a wardrobe is popular mainly amongst professionals as it serves their needs appropriately. Besides this, a drawer is ideal for putting away documents and other valuables without investing in a separate storage unit. This wardrobe design is installed in big rooms and has ample space to have them in an elegant corner. With all the specifications mentioned it is also evident that this cupboard can hold loads of clothes and personal kinds of stuff.

How to Customize the Wardrobe Styles and Trends?

In order to customize the various wardrobe styles, there are specific tips, and they are:

  • Material

The wooden wardrobes generally use engineered wood only to create wooden cupboards, but besides these, some richer crowds of people prefer natural wood in making wardrobes. They may cost higher, but the durability of the closet also speaks volume when the premium quality of the material is used to make them. This is the first and foremost customization factor as not everyone can afford and choose the higher quality of wood materials for their cupboards.

  • Height of the wardrobe

The height of the bedroom wall is the essential factor in creating a wardrobe style as it determines the storage space of the wardrobe. The height of the cabinet also allows a person to decide whether they can opt for a loft. The loft is apt for the group who wants to put away their hoarded kinds of stuff that are not of much use in their day-to-day lives.

  • Shades and Colours

The light or neutral shades will enhance the look of a small room and create an illusion to look huge. Those colours include white, light grey and beige. At the same time, darker shades like shades of brown impart a more classy and elegant outlook but are more preferred in cases where the area is more, and the interiors are also of dark shades.

  • Number of drawers and hanging space

This is another hack to change the entire size and look of the cupboard. Though the primary intention of this customization is storage space, this also tends to create newer patterns and designs. Therefore, this is left to the user’s requirements and designed for him/her accordingly.

Besides the types mentioned above of wardrobe designs in recent times, certain concepts are also gaining equal fame. They include different door types and colour pop styles. These creative inclusions further accentuate the look with their unique patterns. Moreover, the specifications and dimensions of the cupboard also bring in a drastic difference to wardrobe style when changed a little too. Thus, there are also more avenues beyond the information in this content to develop one’s creativity to produce new fancy wardrobes.

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