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The Importance Of Natural Disaster & Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared for an emergency could make all the difference in the world. To help you stay ahead of disaster, here are a few words of advice on putting together a survival kit as well as a few other important emergency preparedness tips.

One of the first steps in protecting your household members is to make a detailed plan for the various types of emergencies. For instance, there should be a shelter-in-place plan for severe weather or a natural disaster as well as ones for an evacuation, fire, and so on. These plans should include what each person should do, how to find one another and where to go. 

It’s also recommended to run a drill every so often. That way, everyone knows their role and the best way to safety. Make enough copies of the disaster plan as well as emergency contact information for each household member to keep in a wallet or backpack. As children grow or the household changes, be sure to update your plans accordingly. 

After the arrangements are set, it’s time to gather the supplies for a survival kit. While there may be more than one depending on the type of emergency, every kit should have the following: a first aid kit, flashlight with batteries, a whistle, bell, or another way to signal if help is needed, and fully charged backup batteries or power banks for small electronics, including cell phones. 

In addition to these staples, there should be enough drinking water and shelf-stable food for each person. During a shelter-in-place emergency, it’s advised to have a gallon of water for each person for each day you plan to take refuge. The water and food needs for each pet should also be taken into consideration. 

Other items to store in the “go-bag” or designated safe room include: a manual can opener, eating utensils, cups, plates, childcare items, personal hygiene items, and specialty care items, such as prescriptions and back-up medical equipment. Be sure to check the expiration dates for the food and the state of the batteries and assorted supplies twice a year. 

Once you’re confident in your plans and supply packing, it may be time to consider other security measures. One investment that could become important in times of need is an automatic home backup generator. With the right reliable model, you could gain peace of mind knowing your family is protected from the cold when the power goes out. Signing up to receive alerts and messages from the public safety warning system is another measure you may want to consider. 

A lot of work and thought goes into emergency preparedness. For further information on sheltering in place and what it takes to be ready for an emergency, please see the accompanying resource.

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