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Steps to Ensure the Best Bathroom Remodeling in Oshawa for those with Mobility Issues

As a senior citizen, it can be difficult to stay independent and self-sufficient when mobility issues arise. For those who have trouble getting around, a bathroom that is easy to use is essential, and is definitely something you should look into during your bathroom remodeling in Oshawa. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to ensure the best bathroom remodeling in Oshawa for those with mobility issues.

Step 1: Access the Current Layout

The first step in a successful bathroom remodeling in Oshawa is to assess your home’s current layout so you can get an idea of what you’ll need to change. It might seem obvious, but if you’re planning on installing a new tub or shower, this means taking into account where the drain is located as well as any structural problems. If you go too big or put it in the wrong place, you could end up with water damage or worse – an unsalvageable bathroom. Next, consider your current needs and desires. For instance, would you like room for a walk-in shower? A tub? Both?

Step 1: Make the Shower Wheelchair Accessible

Whether you have an existing shower or you’re building one from scratch, the most important thing is to make sure it’s wheelchair accessible. In order for a shower to be wheelchair accessible, there needs to be enough room for someone in a wheelchair to transfer from their chair into the shower safely. A good rule of thumb is that there needs to be at least 30″ of space on either side of the seat with no obstacles blocking access. If you’re building a new shower, you’ll need to build it around a standard shower base (which will already have ADA compliance built in), and then install grab bars along three walls and next to both doors, as well as a seat that fits securely into the base.

Step 3: Widen the Doorways

Every bathroom remodeling in Oshawa for individuals with mobility difficulties should include making the doorways safe for use. Ensure that the doors and doorways are wide enough. This is important since larger people might find it difficult to walk through smaller doors and doorways.

Step 4: Choose the best Style of Bathroom

When undertaking bathroom remodeling in Oshawa for people with mobility issues, always ensure that you are installing the right style of bathroom. Choose the style of bathroom that suits you best. For example, if you have a physical condition that prevents you from bending over for a long time, then choose a shower stall that is large enough for you to move around without obstructions. If you are unable to climb stairs, then it is highly recommended that you have a single-story house so that there will be no issue with accessibility.

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