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Can you sleep better with the installation of blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains can be one of the most common inventions of all time to make a bedroom perfect for sleeping. Studies have shown that people sleep better in a dark room, but it can be difficult to realize for those who sleep in the sun or for people who live under the light of a street lamp or the light of a neighbor’s balcony.

How to get the most out of blackout curtains?

To get the most out of the black curtains, place the rod as close to the ceiling as possible and bring the curtains to the floor. If you want to clean the window when the curtains are stretched, you need to increase the width of the window by 30 to 40 percent, depending on the fabric. For example, if you have a five-foot-wide window, take up to one foot of the tray on each side to clean the window. If you don’t want to go with floor-to-ceiling curtains, you want the curtains to fit at least 4 inches above, below, and on the sides through the window. If you are choosing a curtain rod, see how far it is from the wall. This is called back. Standard collector or bar pocket curtain rods may be the best choice for blackout curtains, as they usually have the worst back and hold the curtain close to the wall. Many decorative sticks can stick a few inches to the wall. Placing the curtain from the wall will lead to more light dripping on the surface. The farther the curtain hangs from the wall, the higher you want to hang the window to reduce light blood.

In addition to obscuring your rooms, quality curtains can do a lot to reduce heat loss and occupancy of your windows. Blackout tiles also often have thermal properties that can reduce the amount of heating or air conditioning losses through your windows. Even the most expensive windows are a source of energy loss and energy-efficient window coverings can significantly reduce losses.

Blackout curtains for bedrooms

Blackout curtains are a great addition not only to a bedroom but also to a media or TV room. Nothing contributes to that authentic home-theater experience like having a completely darkened room for your home movie viewing. With the drapes drawn, the outside world ceases to exist.

You can find blackout curtains in the most regal and sumptuous of velvets to really dress up your home theater. Fabrics like velvets and chenilles add visual warmth, sound absorption, and elegance in addition to the room-darkening features. It can be found in many solid and complex floral brocades and jacquards. Regardless of the surface fabric, the key to good blackout properties lies in the lining. The cheapest is usually a rubberized substrate applied to the surface fabric. The nicer curtains have a facecloth and a separate blackout insert. To get the most out of the curtains, look for lined fabrics that can be washed at home. This does not mean that you cannot take it to the cleaner, but if the fabrics are difficult to wash at home, they should last for many years.

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