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Possible Causes for Leaking Showers Perth

If your home bathroom showers start leaking, you have to find out the root problem as soon as possible. And if you fail to fix leaking showers Perth, major issues like damage to your home will start happening. So it is necessary to fix the issue as soon as possible. In this guide, we have listed a few possible reasons your shower might have started leaking and how you can fix this issue.

1)            The tile might be causing shower leakage:

It might be possible that the tile in your shower is causing it to leak. The tile could be on your shower’s walls or floors. Let’s discuss both cases:

a)             Shower floor:

If you want to know that the shower’s floor is causing the leak, then the foremost thing you should do is to clean the floor properly and let it dry. Then cover the drain with the use of duct tape and cover it at least six inches on all sides.

If this happens, it means the leak is in the shower base, and you need to hire professional plumbing services.

b)             Shower walls:

If your bathroom shower starts draining without any possible leak, then it might be possible that the leak is coming from the grout. Grout is the area between shower walls and shower tiles. If this is the case, you should check one wall at one time.

In this condition, you have to start low on the wall and start spraying water onto an isolated space. You should keep checking leaks and inspect the grout before and after you do spraying on each section. Once each wall gets dry, you should go to the next wall and, in this way, check all walls.

Once you find the leak, repeat this process until you make sure you have isolated the leak. In this case, if you find the grout is missing, you should regrout that specific area.

2)            Leaky faucet or drain:

Yes, a leaky faucet or a drain could possibly be the reasons behind shower leakage. Here each element is discussed:

                    I.            Faucet:

If there is constant dripping from the faucet that keeps you up at night or might be staining the side of the shower tub or stall continuously, you can fix this issue if you replace the washer, rubber gasket or O-ring.

If there is a single handle for your faucet, the springs and gaskets around the inlet hose are the possible issues. It might get worn after continuous use, so you have to replace it. But if there are two handles for your faucet, then the possible issues might be due to the washer and the end of the valve systems.

                    II.            Drain:

If you want to check that the drain is the potential reason, then you should tape off the drain and allow the water to flow. And if you see any leak at this point, then drain is the potential cause of the leak. At this point, you should hire a professional plumber for the repair of the drain.

3)            Water supply leaks:

Solder connections of the shower or tub valves might be the reason behind the leak. It might be possible that the failed attempt of these installations become the reason for shower leakage, or possibly these parts are getting old and causing the leakage issue.

Mostly, valves have a screw that often does not get tightened enough and start leaking. And if it is tight, then it might be possible the shower gets old and causes leakage.

Now once you know the potential reasons for leaking showers Perth and how to get to the root of their problem, you should not wait any further and hire a professional plumber as soon as possible.

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