Essential Sewing Machines Like the Way You Need Now

As for the brands you should know that apart from Bernina, which are the Rolls of machines still manufactured in Switzerland and in Europe the other brands of machines are all produced in Asia (mainly China and Vietnam). As you look for the best sewing machine for monogramming you can find the best choices there.

Where to buy your sewing machine?

Many distribution channels are possible: from the big box, to internet discounters, via the specialized shop. Unless you know exactly the model you want, my advice is simple: save time and go to a shop specializing in the sale of sewing machines.

Not only will you be able to test the different models and get personalized advice, but you will also have live training and the guarantee of a really available after-sales service. In addition, you will be able to find additional accessories if necessary (foot for piping, bobbin extra, etc.) compatible with your machine.

And contrary to popular belief it is not necessarily more expensive.

Here are some addresses that we recommend: good addresses

Need even more advice?

It’s up to the program to choose your machine well

In conclusion, before you start comparing hundreds of machines, clearly answer the following questions: what is my budget, what use we intend to make of it, long term or short term. This will prevent you from being bamboozled on models of which you will only use 10% of the functions. From there a more precise choice will emerge and you will be able to find the bike or the MAC (as the experts say) of your dreams, at a specialized distributor.

Since its creation in the 19th century, the sewing machine left the factories to enter homes. With it, making a jean hem became simple and quick. The sewing machine also allows you to indulge in DIY creations, ranging from accessories to making clothes. Depending on its level, its needs and the frequency of its use, the choice of a sewing machine is not the same.

The sewing machine surfs on the trends of the moment: it allows darning clothes so as not to throw them away, and customizing scraps of fabric with DIY creations. Instigator of creative ideas, the sewing machine is generally kept for life; it is therefore a long-term investment.

Which sewing machine to buy based on his creative ideas and his use?

A sewing machine is a complex product, the purchase of which must adapt to its needs in relation to sewing. Two uses of sewing machine are to be taken into account. “Some of the sewing machine users have a technical use of it, using it only for touch-ups, repairs and hemming. For these users, a simple and not very sophisticated sewing machine may suffice. On the other hand, the second part of the users use their sewing machine for a creative purpose. Close to the leisure, their use is perfected and with artistic vocation. A model of sewing machine more top of the range is then necessary. “

There are two distinct types of sewing machine: 

  • The mechanical sewing machine and the electronic sewing machine. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The mechanical machine corresponds to the first historical model of sewing machine. The speed is controlled with the foot, using a pedal. More sophisticated, the electronic machine is operated by buttons. Quieter than its ancestor, it benefits from more choices in terms of points and functionality.
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