LED Mirrors: How Do They Work, And Why Do You Need One

An LED mirror is one of the most significant additions homeowners can have if they want to upgrade their bathroom’s overall look. This bathroom mirror has special lighting around its surface to produce a clearer reflection than a non-LED mirror.

Benefits of LED Mirrors

This type of bathroom mirror can give additional lighting, which can help people perform their daily hygiene routines that require ideal lighting, such as shaving and applying makeup. Besides lighting, LED mirrors can also help create a more relaxing ambiance in the bathroom, as some have smart features that enable users to have a Bluetooth connection to play their favorite songs.

An LED mirror Adelaide does not need an electrical charger for them to function. Unlike traditional and fluorescent light bulbs, LED mirrors do not require much electricity to do their job. Depending on its usage, it can also last for over a decade, making it a worthy long-term investment that homeowners can consider for their homes.

Types of LED Mirrors

LED mirrors may look fancy to some homeowners, but most of the mirrors available only involve two technologies: mirrors and light-emitting diodes.

There are two types of LED mirrors that homeowners can choose from. The first type of LED mirror comprises fitting LED light strips angled towards the mirror frames. This type of brighter mirror is usually seen in a clothing store’s fitting room.

The second type of LED mirror is where the LED lights and diffusers can be found behind the glass panel of the mirror’s exterior. All kinds of mirrors need a smooth metal surface and a layer of glass that protects the surface. LED mirror manufacturers try to create an effect with these mirrors that they are the ones omitting the light on the surface.

Different factors that can help homeowners get the perfect LED mirror for their bathroom include the size of the bathroom, the vanity, and the sink. Besides this, homeowners also need to consider the shape of the mirror, as some prefer rounded mirrors. Others prefer square, arch, oval, or rectangular that can suit the overall look of their bathrooms.

For more details about how LED mirrors work, here is an infographic from Remer.

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