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What are the top benefits of having polished concrete floors in home?

Polished concrete floors have long been used in basements and commercial spaces but these days you can also find these being used in residential homes. It can be sealed and stained to make it look more aesthetic which makes it more competitive than other kinds of stones such as granite slate and marble that are used for flooring at a cheaper cost. These have some excellent benefits for builders and home renovators. Find out about some of the top advantages of having polished concrete flooring in homes from a concrete company Dandenong.

These can be sustained properly

All those who want to construct an eco-friendly home should use polished concrete. There is very low impact of sealed concrete on the environment. If your house is constructed on an existing concrete slab when the concrete is sealed and sanded, it can help avoid expensive environmental flooring.

Low volatile organic compounds are mostly used for finishing and sending a concrete floor that can make the environment polluted and have a negative impact on the quality of indoor air. There is no lasting odor in the compounds used for sealing concrete floors.

Can be maintained easily

Thorough cleaning is necessary for most kinds of traditional flooring options. Naturally, it is important to vacuum carpeting and wax the floor boards. Marble floors require special types of good cleaners. By contrast, polished concrete floor from concrete company Dandenong is stain and stuff resistant. Naturally, whenever needed, it can be mopped and this you can save a lot of time as well as costs in cleaning.

Treated concrete has superior value

Polished concrete is highly sustainable and later, after its installation, tile, timber, carpeting or vinyl is laid over it. Polished concrete surfaces reflect light and can reduce the expenses of lighting within the home. During the summer season, it can make a home stay cool and reduce the cost of cooling the household.

Can last for a long time

Polished and well treated concrete surfaces from concrete company Dandenong are highly durable and can last for as long as a century with minimal care. In areas with high foot traffic, such as in the living room, this type of flooring can be a great choice. It is not susceptible to moisture and rot issues unlike tile or vinyl floors, which can crack easily and necessitate expensive replacements.

Useful for health

With polished concrete flooring from concrete company Dandenong you can get rid of the problem of allergies from dust mites and dust which are especially problematic for those suffering from existing respiratory issues.

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