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Types of Bathroom Cubicles Your Bathroom Installers Can Offer

If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, there are different types of shower and bathroom cubicles available on the market to choose from. These can make your bathroom look fashionable and elegant, and also change its overall appearance – in a neat and clean way. Find out about some of the types of cubicles that Bathroom installers Edinburgh can provide you with.

D-Shaped Shower Cubicle

It can be a fit for any home out there. If there is a single wall in your bathroom, it is possible to attach this kind of cubicle easily to it and make your bathroom space look perfect, with the right finish.

This shower enclosure wall is rounded completely, which can give it a D shaped appearance – a fact that makes this type of cubicle get referred to as D-shaped shower cubicle. You may get the shower door either sliding or hinged, just as you like. It is one of the most elegant shower cubicles from Bathroom installers Edinburgh that is popular for its luxurious feel and design.

Quadrant Shower Cubicle

It has been designed to fit any bathroom corner. You would need two walls in your bathroom to attach and install this kind of cubicle with the help of Bathroom installers Edinburgh. It has a round front and the cubicle overhangs from the two walls that it is affixed to.

Even in case of this cubicle, you can get the choice of opting for a hinged shower door or a sliding shower door. It has a very fashionable design.

Square Shower Cubicle

It is known for its chic and trendsetting design, and can be found quite commonly. Two free walls, adjacent to each other, are needed for the attachment of this type of cubicle.

Then, two glass sides have to be attached, to make it look square in shape. This is especially beneficial if you are trying to create some extra space in your own bathroom – given that this type of cubicle can be installed easily in any corner. You can get a door that slides along a track or a hinged door that swings open; both of which can be maintained easily.

Pentagonal Shaped Shower Cubicle

As its name indicates, this kind of shower enclosure has a pentagonal shape. There are two walls needed for the installation of this type of cubicle by Bathroom installers Edinburgh.

You can choose from any of these shower enclosures for your bathroom and have it installed easily with the help of highly professional Bathroom installers Edinburgh, who are experienced in the job.

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