Top Reasons for Roof Failure

The roof is one of the most durable parts of a building structure as it shields homes from different weather elements, such as rain or snow. However, robust roofs can also be vulnerable to damage, which can affect the roof’s lifespan. 

Much of the time, faulty roofing installation is often seen as the culprit for roof failure. Improper installation can cause problems like leaks and moisture damage, which can eventually weaken the roof’s structural condition. It is essential to hire an Olive Hill KY roofer to avoid these roof problems in the future. 

On the other hand, problems can also occur when homeowners do not have preventative maintenance and ignore roofing problems. The reluctance to do simple preventive care and fix premature roofing problems leads to severe roof complications and decreased service life. A Charleston WV roofer can do a proper inspection of the roof and resolve roofing problems at its early stage to avoid costly repairs and extend the roof’s lifespan. 

However, apart from faulty roofing installation and reluctance to perform preventative maintenance, other factors also affect the service life. One of the most common causes of roof failure is the lack of ventilation. It leads to the buildup of heat and moisture in the attic, which can later cause problems to the roofing structure and extend to other areas. 

Accordingly, installing poor quality flashing can also lead to roof failure. The flashing prevents water from seeping to the underlayment and the interior of the roofing system. Hence, improper installation of flashing or choosing a poor-quality flashing can cause trouble in the long run. It can get damaged easily by wind or temperature changes, creating a passageway for water to enter the roofing system. 

When it comes to roof installation or replacement, choosing the right roofing company is essential to ensure flawless work. Accordingly, selecting high-quality materials can guarantee a well-performing roof. Many homeowners who are trying to save more money would often opt to buy cheaper roofing materials. Hence, risking the quality of their roof. This infographic of Fahey Roofing Contractors discusses the top reasons for roof failure. 

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