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The Best 6 Pack Ab Workout Ever – And You Can Do it in Your Own Home!

If you want a 6 pack ab workout you can do in just a few minutes that will help you tighten up your midsection and make it rock-solid and looking great, you’ve come to the right article.

But before I get into the actual 6 pack ab workout, I have to give you a little disclaimer.

There is no 6 pack ab workout in the world that will burn enough fat off your stomach to give you a set of 6 pack abs.

The only way you can see you 6 pack is if you have little enough fat that you can see your abs through your skin. No exercise in the world can do that, it all comes from how much fat is covering your abs!

With that said, let’s get started:

First, you’ll want to start out with the bicycle kick. Research has shown that the bicycle kick fires more muscle fibers than both crunches and situps! To do this, lie on your back, put your palms against the back of your head, and try to make your right elbow touch your left knee. Then as you’re pushing your left leg back out to straighten it, do the same with your left elbow and right knee.

Give yourself about 30 seconds of rest.

Next, you’re going to do what’s called a “V-up”. To do this, lie on your back with both your hands extend past your head and your legs flat on the floor. Simultaneously bring your legs up in the air (still straight) as well as your hands, and bring yourself up into the shape of a V.

Again, about 30 seconds of rest.

The last exercise you’ll do for your 6 pack ab workout is called the hanging leg raise, although if you’re doing this in your house you won’t be hanging.

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