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Know When to Replace the Sewer Pipes

Both home and commercial space have some similar requirements. Keeping both these places clean and hygienic can help us to fight ailments and other problems that can lead to some major expenses. One of such problems is sewer line problems. These problems usually take time get built up and create issues. If not addressed at proper time, it can lead to pipe leakage along with some major issues too. But it is not easy to know what is happening within those pipes. That is why it is necessary to learn about the problematic symptoms. When you see the following problems happening, it is time to call your plumber and get the pipes changed or repaired according to need.

Blockage and back-ups

Back-ups and blockages while using toilet, sink, or bathtub can be a clear sign that your sewer lines are not working properly. If you try to clear the line and the back-ups still happen, it needs help from a professional. Get a professional plumber for sewer inspection. Also, make sure your plumber is licensed before sewer pipe replacement.

Sewer odor

In case of a sanitary sewer, only the vent stacks can be a problem. The other parts should never be a problem if there is not an issue. Sewer odor around the house or commercial property signals towards clog or crack that needs professional solution. 

Slow drainage

Slow drainage may not be a problem at first as it builds up slowly. But ultimately it leads to clogs and sewage back-ups. When you notice slow drainage in your property, it is better to take professional help. 

Waste pooling the yard

One of the nastiest problems that can plague a house or a commercial property is waste water in the yard. This can happen due to the broken tank or main line. If you are unable to find the problem, call the plumbers. Professionals will detect the problem and find proper solution for it. 

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