Fine Options for the Best Washing Machine Choices

Ultimately, the determining criterion remains the number of household members or the importance of washing. But beware, the capacity advertised is not the actual capacity and, unless you fold your laundry before putting it in the machine, it is impossible to put as many kilos in it as those touted on the label. A machine of 5 kg will be suitable for a single person; a couple with a child will rather opt for 6 or 7 kg; and a large family for a large capacity model (8 to 10 kg). The Best washing machines are perfect there.

The number of washing programs

Manufacturers are not lacking in imagination when it comes to washing programs, and it is sometimes necessary to refer to the instructions to understand what “Express 15”, “Aqua eco” or “eCoton” stands for. However, not all of them are essential! It is not because a machine offers about twenty programs, while others are limited to less than ten, that its performance will be better or… worse. Only laboratory tests, such as those we conduct, can verify their effectiveness.

Note that since December 2013, washing machines must have a cycle at 20 ° C. It may also be beneficial to have a short program of less than an hour (sometimes less than half an hour) For lightly soiled laundry. These quick programs are all the more useful as the classic programs, in particular the eco programs, are sometimes very long: more than 3 hours 30 minutes on some washing machines that we have tested .

Rinsing efficiency

Rinsing leaves something to be desired on many current washing machine models, which is a real concern for sensitive skin. This is undoubtedly the price of the enormous water savings that manufacturers have managed to achieve over the past twenty years. Fortunately, our lab tests show that some models do better than others.

A “rinse plus” option can also be useful to increase the efficiency of the operation. On the other hand, on some models, this function is not always efficientbut nevertheless increases the volume of water consumed. You can go for the Best washing machines in India there.


In theory, the higher the spin speed, the drier the laundry will come out. This criterion is important when you want to limit the humidity in the house and speed up drying. For drying outside the tumble dryer, it is therefore recommended to have a spin speed greater than 1000 revolutions / min. In fact, most manufacturers offer programs up to 1,400 rpm, or even more.

Energy class

Energy label for a washing machine

The Energy label, which must be displayed in stores and on online sales sites, indicates the more or less sobriety of the model using a colored arrow. This indicates the energy class of the device. However, be careful not to be mistaken: washing machines which are not classified at least in A + can no longer be delivered by manufacturers since the end of 2013. An A + model is therefore now among the least efficient on the market.

The delayed start

If you want to take advantage of off-peak electricity times, choose a model with delayed start. Depending on the model, the delay can be more or less important: some go up to a delay of 24 hours, while others reach a maximum of 9 hours. There are also subtle differences: some program the start time in advance, others the end time!

The noise

The sound level of washing machines during washing, and especially spinning, is not systematically indicated on the Energy label, because this optional data is left to the discretion of the manufacturers. 


When it appears on the product, it is in the form of an efficiency class from A to G, as for the other criteria (energy, washing, spinning) from tests carried out with a cotton program at 60 ° C.

Convenience of use

Compare the control panels. Some are clearer and more intuitive than others. This advice is all the more important for people with visual impairments. Few machines are suitable for the visually impaired: no raised markings on the control panels, little contrast on the display screens, undifferentiated beeps… These are all elements to check if the machine is to be used by a person with visual impairment.


To connect the machine, provide an electrical outlet not far away, because the cords are often quite short (1.25 meters for some models). The drain pipe is installed at a minimum height of 40 cm to more than 1 meter depending on the model: refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The washing machine is now one of the most widely used household appliances. Faced with the many purchasing possibilities, it is sometimes difficult to decide which one to choose: top-opening washing machine or a window washing machine? Classic or drying? To help you in your choice, here are the important criteria to take into account to choose the right washing machine.

The Different Types Of Washing Machines

The washing machine is available in different types depending on its opening mode (front or top), its performance (drying cycles) and many other criteria. Here’s a quick overview of these features.

Top washing machine

One of the most common washing machine models, the “top” washing machine is a washing machine easily recognizable by its top opening. This top-loading type of washing machine is popular for its small width, while its capacity, ranging from 5 to 8 kg, makes it suitable for both a single person and a family.

The advantages of the top-opening washing machine are numerous. In addition to the ease of use that protects against back pain, and the reduced risk of flooding, users appreciate their compactness. Indeed, this device which occupies the least possible space is practical for an apartment of modest surface.

The only downside with a top-opening washing machine is that this type of accessory is not built-in and therefore less decorative.

The top-opening washing machine covers a wide range of models with advanced and basic functions. Whether you have a tight or unlimited budget, you benefit from a wide choice of models with this type of washing machine.

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