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Backyard Landscape Design on a Budget

Everyone loves to have nice looking yards whether it is the front or back yard but many feel that they do not have the money to make them look extra special. Yes, it can take a lot of money to design your front or back yard but it can be done even with a budget. All you need is some great ideas and inexpensive things that are suitable for landscaping. You want to make sure that you do not clutter your yard with too many things, especially if you have a small backyard. When you are designing your backyard landscape it is important to keep in mind is that all you really need is some beautiful colorful plants, some place to sit and relax, maybe a brick or stone path, a patio, etc. Most people want to design their backyard as a place of entertainment for their friends, relatives, and neighbors.

When considering what plants to use you can either get plants that you can plant in the ground or grow in medium sized pots. There is no reason to purchase large plants because eventually the medium size ones will grow bigger over time. Buying medium size plants and letting them grow bigger will also save you money. You can get inexpensive, colorful plants like clematis, day lilies, delphinium, etc. You can also try your hand at growing plants for seeds. Make sure that you are choosing a wide variety of colors that coordinate with each other.

If you opt to have a stone path it will make your backyard more organized and beautiful and is a great idea to use for small backyards. Make sure that you have the route of the stone path laid out before putting the stones down. Because many people like to have barbeques during the summer months you will need to decide what type of furniture you are going to need. If you have an area away from the house you can pour a concrete patio for your tables, chairs, barbeque grill, and canopy. If you have a large back porch you can use area for your barbeque area. You can use beach furniture if you have a tight budget. You should also put some colorful plants around the area. If you are farther out in the yard instead of near the porch, this is where you could use that stone path leading from the porch to the patio so you do not have to walk in the grass. Along the stone path you can use solar powered lights for illumination.

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