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A guide on a real estate agency in Vanuatu

Unleash your spirit in the unspoiled lagoons and beaches in Vanuatu, which is a little island in South pacific. It possesses a small population of about 280 000 in the steep Melanesian culture and history.  The island is renowned for excellent diving and fishing, as well as unpopulated magnificent shores and lagoons. The residents are hospitable, and with a warm climate and Pacifique food, what can go wrong? A short speedy flight from Fiji, New Caledonia, Melbourne, Auckland, and Brisbane will unequivocally bring you to these jaw-dropping shores.  

Real estate in Vanuatu provides top-notch value compared to the money paid for it. The amazing beach fronts are available for lower prices. There are one-bedroom flats, coastal properties, and other generous living modern facilities too. The ocean view will mesmerize you absolutely.  With much land and property available to satiate all tastes and budgets, honestly, what more can one ask for? And here are the tips to buy real estate with the help of real estate agency Vanuatu.

Are foreigners able to purchase Vanuatu property?


The answer is yes. Vanuatu doesn’t have restrictions on aliens buying properties. Noncitizens might be required to show out financial references from any local firm to make urban any purchases. You aren’t required to have a certificate from the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA)  or any business license to make property purchases. Should the purchase require any business license, then you’ll need a business license and VIPA approval too. You also have to satiate the stipulated conditions by the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit. 

Is there any freehold land in Vanuatu?


No. If a property is registered, it is registered as a leasehold title. The urban areas of Port Vila and Luganville on Santo Island were declared ‘public’ land in 1980 under the Land Reform Act (Cap 123). The Minister of Lands is the Lessor in the urban areas and in many rural leases where the customary ownership is not yet established.

Purchasing property in Vanuatu is all about a huge financial commitment that you will need to make. Nevertheless, it will be an enthusiastic turning point, which will make huge impacts on your lifestyle.  It might be something that you’ve never done before, but if you go the right way, there’s nothing you will regret. It may at first be a daunting task to choose the right home in the appropriate area, negotiating sales, and organizing finances. However, it isn’t that complicated as people perceive.  Vanuatu agents are highly trained and will aid you in getting a property that suits you best in regards to budget and needs. You are going to have a smooth journey with the first national Santo agents. Our real estate agency Vanuatu offices possess the technology links needed to view then purchase your potential property from anywhere you are in the globe.


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