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5 ways to soundproof your metal roof

One of the major challenges of metal roofing is that it gets noisy when it rains or something drops on it. The noise level can cause mental torture if you do not take appropriate steps as soon as possible.

If you feel uncomfortable with your noisy metal roof, here are five ways to soundproof your metal roof.

1. Ceiling Insulation

Insulating the metal roofing itself may seem unrealistic. However, you can insulate the ceiling to attenuate the noise coming from the metal roofing. The space between your metal roof and the home interior serves as the resonating chamber for the noise coming from the roof. If you create a barrier between the roof and the home interior, the noise level will reduce drastically. Choose either batt insulation or spray foam insulation to fix your metal roofing noise.

2. Installation of a Roof Underlayment

During the first installation of a metal roof, metal roof underlayment should also be installed. Roof underlayment is a built-in component of a metal roof, but some manufacturers and roofers overlook its installation. Roof underlayments are foam insulating panels or nylon filaments installed under the roof to soundproof the metal roof and enhance the home’s energy efficiency. So, hire an experienced roofer to install roof underlayments to soundproof your metal roofing.

3. Proper Installation of the Metal Roof

Correct installation of a metal roof will undoubtedly prevent the roof from being shifted out of place, which will cause it to be uncontrollably noisy. As a result, let a professional company examine your roof, check the fasteners on the roof, and see if the roof is in place. If the fasteners are not in place, fix them and increase the number of fasteners to correctly secure the metal roofing.

4. Choose the Right Metal Roofing Type

There are three types of metal roofing with different noise levels: corrugated metal roof, flat metal roof and standing seam roofs. However, the corrugated metal roofs are the noisiest metal roofing type, while standing seam or flat metal roofs make less noisy.

5. Custom Solution

The solutions provided above are supposed to soundproof your metal roofing effectively. However, your home may require a solution that will be tailored to your home’s uniqueness. As a result, contact a reputable roofer to examine the metal roof and proffer a custom solution.


Whatever solution you choose, work with an experienced roofer to soundproof your metal roofing. The tips above are effective ways to reduce the noise level of a metal roof.

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