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5 Ways To Prepare For Window Installation

When you are planning to have new windows installed, you should remember that this is a more lengthy process than some homeowners may realize. So, preparation can mean the difference between being inconvenienced for a little bit of time and being completely disrupted for days at a time. Here are five easy ways that you can prepare yourself ahead of time for window replacement.

1. Have your window measurements ready

When you are contacting a window installer, they will likely need to know the height, width and depth of your windows in order to give you an estimate. It’s best to have these measurements ready before you call, so that the installer can provide you with an accurate estimate and timeline for the project.

2. Know your window style

Not all windows are created equal, and not all window installers are experts in every type of window. So, it’s important to know the style of window that you want before you start calling around for estimates. This will help ensure that you find an installer who is familiar with the type of window you are wanting, and can provide you with an actual estimate.

3. Be prepared for project scheduling

While it is often possible to find a window installer who will turn up on-time and work right away, there are other times when the perfect window installer may be fully scheduled for several weeks. This can sometimes cause problems, since you will need your windows installed as soon as possible. So it’s important to be prepared for the scheduling process–by keeping an open line of communication with your installer, and by reminding them about your schedule ahead of time.

4. Have enough furniture in the right places

If you plan on moving some large pieces of furniture or appliances out of your window installation zone, give yourself at least a day’s notice ahead of time. Most window installations will require a working area at least 12-feet in diameter, which can cause your furniture to be shifted around for several days.

5. Have a place for the debris

While it may seem obvious, some homeowners do forget that there is going to be a lot of paper and other construction debris in the aftermath of a window installation. So taking steps ahead of time to have a dumpster placed on your property, or some other means for storing the debris, is important. This will help keep your home tidy during what can be a very messy process.

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